Where to Fish for Trout in Virginia [ 4 Great Fishing Spots Revealed ]

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where to fish for trout in virginia

Virginia is known for its abundance of trout fishing opportunities. Let’s take a look at where to fish for trout in Virginia.

With over 2,800 miles of trout streams and numerous lakes and ponds, there are plenty of options for anglers to explore. But with so many locations, planning your next fishing trip can be overwhelming.

Don’t worry – we’ll highlight some of Virginia’s best places to fish for trout in this article. There’s something for everyone, from small mountain streams to larger rivers, depending on your experience and preference.

So grab your gear and get ready to catch some beautiful trout in the scenic waterways of Virginia!

Trout Fishing in Virginia: Top Locations to Visit

Virginia is home to some of the best trout fishing in the Eastern United States, with a range of rivers and streams that offer a mix of wild and stocked trout. Here are some of the top locations for trout fishing in Virginia

Mossy Creek, located in Augusta County, is considered one of the best trout streams in Virginia. This spring-fed stream provides excellent habitat for both native and stocked trout species. The Jackson River, located in Alleghany and Bath counties, is famous for its rainbow and brown trout runs.

The Smith River also offers an excellent opportunity to catch trophy-sized trout. With so many great locations, it’s no wonder Virginia attracts anglers from all over in search of bountiful trout fishing opportunities.

fly fisherman catching trout on fly

Jackson River

The Jackson River is a tailwater fishery in the western part of Virginia known for its large rainbow and brown trout. The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries stocked the river and has a healthy wild fish population.

Smith River

The Smith River is a freestone fishery in southwest Virginia known for its wild rainbow and brown trout. The river is located in a scenic mountain valley and offers anglers a chance to catch trophy-sized fish.

South Holston River

The South Holston River is a tailwater fishery in the southwestern part of Virginia known for its large brown trout. The Tennessee Valley Authority manages the river and allows anglers to catch beautiful fish in a scenic setting.

Mossy Creek

Mossy Creek is a spring-fed creek in the Shenandoah Valley known for its wild brown and rainbow trout. The stream allows anglers to catch fish year-round and is an excellent option for those looking for a more challenging fishing experience.

fly fisherman landing trout in river

When to fish for Trout in Virginia

The best time to fish for different trout species in Virginia varies depending on the species. Brook trout, for instance, are most active during the spring and fall months when water temperatures are more relaxed.

Rainbow trout, on the other hand, can be fished year-round in Virginia, but the best time to catch them is during the spring and early summer when they spawn.

Finally, brown trout are most active in the fall months when water temperatures begin to drop, increasing their metabolism, and they actively feed to store energy for the winter.

 Summing it Up: Where to Fish for Trout in Virginia

In conclusion, Virginia is a top destination for trout fishing, with a range of rivers and streams that offer something for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, these top locations will surely provide an unforgettable fishing experience. Just be sure to check local regulations and get up-to-date information on stream flows and conditions before planning your trip.


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