Fishing Dock Lights for Trout: Illuminate Your Catch Tonight

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fishing dock lights for trout

Fishing dock lights have become a popular tool for anglers looking to attract and catch trout more efficiently. Let’s take a look at fishing dock lights for trout.

These underwater lights create an effective, illuminated environment for night fishing, attracting both the fish and their prey.

Various options are available on the market, such as the Submerser series and Green Blob Outdoors’ underwater LED fishing lights, offering different brightness levels and colors to suit the angler’s preferences. Selecting the appropriate light for their needs can significantly improve their chances of a successful trout fishing experience.

Types of Fishing Dock Lights for Trout

Fishing dock lights for trout come in various designs and configurations to suit different fishing preferences.

In this section, we will go through the main types of dock lights, such as submersible, floating, and LED lights, to help you find the right product for your needs.

Submersible Lights

Submersible fishing lights are designed to fully submerge in water, attracting fish by casting a bright glow underneath the surface.

They typically come in a range of lumens, such as the NEBO Submerser series, which ranges from 300 to 1,600 lumens and is effective at attracting trout, bass, and other fish species.

Floating Lights

Floating dock lights differ from submersible lights in that they float on the water’s surface, illuminating the area around the dock and attracting fish from a distance.

These lights often come in compact, portable designs, making them easy to deploy and adjust as needed during a fishing session.

LED Lights

LED dock lights provide efficient and long-lasting illumination, outshining traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs in energy consumption and bulb life.

For example, the Green Blob Underwater 15,000 Lumen Plug-In LED Fishing Light is popular among anglers due to its brightness, durability, and ease of use.

underwater submersible doc light

Installation and Maintenance

Safety Precautions

Before installing dock lights for trout fishing, ensure that all electrical components are waterproof and suitable for marine environments. Always consult a professional electrician if in doubt about installation safety.

Do not damage the wiring or light fixtures when handling dock lights, and avoid direct contact with water sources while electrical connections are active. This will reduce the chance of electrical accidents occurring.

Power Sources

Choose energy-efficient LED lights for your dock that require minimal maintenance and consume less power. Solar-powered lights are an excellent eco-friendly option, as they automatically recharge during the day and illuminate at night.

Use a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlet for hard-wired dock lighting to prevent electrical shock hazards. Ensure all connections are secure, and inspect the cables for any signs of wear or damage.


To maintain the optimal performance of your dock lights, clean them regularly by removing any debris, algae, or barnacles that may accumulate on the fixtures. This ensures a clear and bright output, making attracting trout and other fish species to the illuminated area easier.

Use a soft brush or cloth for cleaning, taking care not to scratch or damage the light fixtures. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water after cleaning to remove any chemicals or salt residue.


Proper storage is essential to prolong their lifespan if you plan to remove your dock lights during certain seasons. Store the lights in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Before storing, disconnect any cables and clean the lights as mentioned in the cleaning section. This will help prevent any damage from occurring while the lights are not in use.

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Attracting Trout with Dock Lights

Dock lights can be an effective tool for attracting trout and other fish species at night. These underwater lights draw fish in by attracting plankton and smaller baitfish, attracting larger fish such as trout.

Installing underwater dock lights near deeper water and areas with a good current flow is crucial when targeting trout. Bright white lights are particularly effective in this regard, as they are more visible to fish and can help to draw them in from a distance.

Tips to Increase Success

1. Choose the right light: Opt for bright white or green LED lights that attract trout and other fish species. Green Blob Outdoors offers underwater LED fishing lights suitable for fresh and saltwater environments.

2. Location: Position dock lights in deeper areas with good current flow, as these are the most likely spots where trout will be found.

3. Be quiet: Being quiet is crucial when fishing from the dock. Noise can scare away trout and other fish species, so keep movements to a minimum, as suggested by Great Days Outdoors.

4. Use the right bait: Match the bait to the type of fish found in the area, such as live or artificial shrimp, to increase the chances of success.

5. Be patient: Wait for the fish to come to the lighted area, as they may take some time to be attracted to the light and engaged in feeding on the baitfish.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Benefits of Fishing Dock Lights

Fishing dock lights are known to be effective fish attractors, especially for species such as speckled trout and redfish (Great Days Outdoors). Different types of lights like dim yellowish, bright white, and green underwater lights have varying levels of success, with the green underwater lights often being the most effective (Texas Fish & Game Magazine).

Another advantage of fixed dock lights is their convenience for those with access to a 110-volt plug on their docks (Fishing Blueprint). These lights can be easily turned on and even programmed with a daily timer, simplifying nighttime fishing.

Drawbacks and Limitations

On the other hand, dock light fishing poses some challenges as well. One such challenge is to be extremely quiet when fishing from the same lighted dock. Nighttime fish can detect heavy footsteps on the dock and may stop feeding (Great Days Outdoors). Consequently, anglers need to tread carefully to increase their chances of success.

Finally, lighting selection plays a significant role in determining the effectiveness of dock light fishing. The right dock lights and lures are essential for attracting the target fish species (Louisiana Fishing Blog). Anglers should be prepared to invest time and resources in selecting the appropriate equipment for their fishing endeavors.

Popular Brands and Models

Regarding fishing dock lights for trout, there are several reputable brands and models to consider. One popular option is the Green Blob Underwater 15,000 Lumen Plug-In LED Fishing Light which is well-regarded for its overall performance.

Another notable choice is the NEBO underwater lights which offer a wide range of LED lighting solutions specifically curated for fishing scenarios. These lights are designed to keep docks bright and effectively illuminate dark waters.

The Green Blob 15000 Underwater Fishing LED Light is also worth mentioning as one of the best underwater fishing lights available. This model features a 360-degree output and boasts a maximum brightness of 1,500 lumens, making it suitable for fishing docks and boats.

Lastly, the Fire Water Marine 25″ MAXX LED Light and Lightingsky 180 Submersible LED Fishing Light are popular for anglers seeking budget-friendly yet effective battery-powered dock lights.

These well-received models contribute to successful trout fishing by attracting fish to the illuminated areas around the docks. Keep in mind that various factors, such as the depth, location, and water quality, can influence the effectiveness of each brand and model. Experimentation is key when determining the best fit for your specific fishing scenario.

Legal Considerations

Before embarking on a night fishing adventure for trout around dock lights, it’s essential to be aware of local fishing regulations. Regulations may vary depending on locations, species, and licensing requirements. 

Respecting private property around docks is also crucial. If an angler plans to fish under dock lights, it’s best to seek permission from the dock owner when required. Following area-specific guidelines or restrictions will also ensure a responsible and enjoyable fishing experience.

Familiarize yourself with each species’ catch limits and size regulations to avoid fines and penalties. Catch limits may fluctuate based on the season or population management goals. Always abide by these rules, as they help maintain healthy fish populations and promote a sustainable fishing environment.

Lastly, practicing proper catch-and-release techniques is essential for conserving fish species. Responsible angling practices minimize harm to the fish and increase their chance of survival upon release. Generally, handle the fish carefully, minimize air exposure, and release it promptly to contribute to its well-being.

Summing it Up: Fishing Dock Lights for Trout

Fishing dock lights can be an excellent tool for catching trout. By understanding the behavior of these fish, choosing the right type of light, and using the right bait, you can increase your chances of success.

Whether a seasoned angler or a beginner, fishing dock lights can help you make the most of your time on the water and bring home a great catch. So next time you head out to fish for trout, consider trying these lights and see what kind of results you can achieve.


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