Best Barometric Pressure for Trout Fishing

When fishing, you want to catch as many fish as possible with the least amount of effort. This is especially true when you’re trying to land a big trophy trout. But how do you find the best barometric pressure for trout fishing?   In order to maximize your chances of landing a trophy trout, you … Read more

Is Trout Fishing Good in the Rain?

Fish species are affected by weather conditions and influence their feeding behavior. Let’s take a look and see how rain affects fishing. Is trout fishing good in the rain?   Contents1 Can You Fish for Trout in the Rain?2 Is Fishing In The Rain Good For Catching Trout?3 Is Trout Fishing Good in the Rain?4 How … Read more

How to Keep Trout Alive While Fishing?

When you are fishing for trout that you plan on cooking later for a tasty meal, you need to know how to keep trout alive while fishing, and how to keep the trout fresh after the catch until you get ready to cook the fish. The fresher the fish is after you catch it the … Read more