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Tennessee’s Winter Trout Stocking Resumes

leah kirk


Tennessee's winter trout stocking program has resumed as the new year begins and will continue at selected locations through the middle portion of March. The 2018-19 program began in December. The program provides numerous close to home trout fishing opportunities for anglers during the winter months. These fisheries also provide a great opportunity to introduce children or first-time anglers to fishing. The trout will average about 10 inches in length. The daily creel limit is seven, but there is no size limit. Anglers are reminded that a trout license is needed in addition to the fishing license.

Remaining schedule

January 2019

11              Fri.                                 Duck River at Riverside Dam      Columbia

15              Tues.                              Cowan City Park                          Cowan

16              Wed.                              Cane Creek Park                          Cookeville

17              Thu.                               Shelby Bottoms Park                   Nashville

17              Thu.                               Fountain City Lake                      Knoxville

18              Fri.                                 McCutcheon Creek                      Spring Hill

18              Fri.                                 Harpeth River 

                                                        (Eastern Flank Battle Park))         Franklin

24              Thu.                               Lafayette City Park                      Lafayette

25              Fri.                                 West Fork Stones River             

                                                        (Manson Pike Trailhead)              Murfreesboro             

25              Fri.                                 J. Percy Priest Tailwater               Nashville

30              Wed.                              Sulphur Fork Creek                     Springfield

31              Thu.                               Billy Dunlop Park                                    Clarksville

31              Thu.                               Stonebridge Park                          Fayetteville

February 2019

1                Fri.                                 Nice Mill                                      Smyrna

6                Wed.                              Lake Junior                                  Chattanooga

6                Wed.                              Athens City Park Pond                 Athens

7                Thu.                               Kingston Springs Park                  Kingston Springs

7                Thu.                               J.D. Buckner Park                                    Dickson

7                Thu.                               Pickett Lake at Pickett State Park Jamestown

7                Thu.                               Fountain City Lake                      Knoxville

8                Fri.                                 Marrowbone Lake                                   Joelton

13              Wed.                              Cumberland Mountain State Park            Crossville

13              Wed.                              Meadow Creek Lake                    Monterey

14              Thu.                               Cowan City Park                          Cowan

15              Fri.                                 McCutcheon Creek                      Spring Hill

15              Fri.                                 Harpeth River Access

                                                        (Eastern Flank Battle Park)          Franklin

19              Tues.                              George Hole-Fall Creek Falls SP  Spencer

21              Thu.                               Big Rock Greenway                     Lewisburg

22              Fri.                                 J. Percy Priest Tailwater               Nashville

22              Fri.                                 West Fork Stones River             

                                                        (Manson Pike Trailhead)              Murfreesboro 

28              Thu.                               Sulphur Fork Creek                     Springfield

March 2019

1                Fri.                                 Nice Mill                                           Smyrna

8                Fri.                                 Duck River at Riverside Dam      Columbia

14              Thu.                               Shelby Bottoms Park                   Nashville

14              Thu.                               Cowan City Park                          Cowan

15              Fri.                                 McCutcheon Creek                      Spring Hill

16              Fri.                                 Harpeth River 

                                                        (Eastern Flank Battle Park)          Franklin