Can Trout See Fishing Line? [The Definitive Answer]

Ever wonder can trout see fishing line? It turns out that trout can see fishing line just fine. But how does it work? What do they see? And why do we care? If you want to catch fish, you should try to use a fishing line that isn’t easily detectable by trout or other fish. … Read more

Trout Fishing With Bobber and Powerbait

Bobbers are great for catching fish but not as effective for attracting fish to your bait. Powerbait is excellent for attracting fish but not as efficient for catching fish. We will take a look at trout fishing with bobber and Powerbait. Contents1 The right setup for a Powerbait with a bobber2 The hookset for Powerbait3 … Read more

Best Weight Fly Rod for Trout Fishing

There are many different types of rods available when it comes to fly fishing. Some are designed specifically for trout fishing, while others are made for bass fishing. Let’s take a look and see what is the best weight fly rod for trout fishing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re fishing for trout or bass; most … Read more

Best Time To Go Trout Fishing

When should you go trout fishing? While most anglers will tell you that the best time to go fishing is during the summer months, I’m here to tell you that it’s not true. I’ll let you know what time is the best time to go trout fishing. Summertime is great because it’s warm and sunny, … Read more

Best Type of Rod for Trout Fishing

Trout fishing is great fun, but it also requires some pretty basic fishing tackle to do correctly. In this post, we will take a look a the many factors that go into choosing the best type of rod for trout fishing. Contents1 What to look for when selecting a Trout Rod2 Fishing Rod Information2.1 How … Read more

Where is the Best Trout Fishing in the Southeast?

When you think of trout fishing destinations, most folks don’t think of the southern United States as a haven for great trout fisheries, unless you are from the south.  Most peoples think of Montana and Colorado.  There is good fishing in the south and we will tell you where is the best trout fishing in … Read more