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Mustang Khimera Hybrid PFD Vest

leah kirk

The Mustang Khimera Hybrid PFD Vest is more than just protection—it changes the rules of the game by elevating performance in and out of the water. With foam flotation to provide neutral buoyancy and a backup, manually activated inflation cell, the Khimera Hybrid PFD Vest dual flotation system blends the security of foam flotation with the slim profile of inflatable technology. Its lightweight, low profile design offers greater comfort and range of motion than any foam PFD-   If things hit the fan, pulling the manual inflator boosts you to 22.5 lb of buoyancy – 1.5x traditional foam.

Simms Solarflex Armor

leah kirk

Human skin is a super organ for the ages. It houses more than 3 trillion pores. It protects you from pathogens and water loss. And it insulates, temperature regulates and provides a sounding board for myriad sensations. From the pain of a rough burn, prick of a hook, to the pleasure of an epic backrub—when your skin speaks, you listen.

Skin is a genius, but it’s also under constant threat from the sun. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, more people have had skin cancer than all other cancers combined. In addition, one in five Americans—potentially you or a fishing buddy—will develop skin cancer over the course of a lifetime.

In addition, Simms’ COR3™ lineup of technical apparel offers UPF-rated protection built to stymie skin cancer fears from the one-last-cast equation. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. It indicates how much of the sun's harmful UV radiation is absorbed. Fabrics receiving a rating of 30 or higher offer very good to excellent protection.

Prolonging time on the water, under the sun, is an imperative stitched into all Simms’ UPF-rated, COR3™ collections. Think of it as a second skin and enhanced armor for your super organ within. For more visit

Waterworks Lamson Center Axis Rod Reel System

leah kirk

Lamson is getting into the rod business but not in the usual way. I've come to appreciate all my Lamson reels for the bare bones lightweight feeling they provide. They match up great to all my modern lightweight fly rods. If you have a rod that feels like a chore to cast look close at your reel weight. Often times a rod that feels club like or heavy swing can be cured by reducing the weight of the reel. The new Center Axis takes this approach to the fullest level by fitting the fly reel as part of the rod.

Realtree Fishing Pattern Camo

leah kirk

Realtree introduced the new Realtree Fishing pattern at ICAST. Designed to complement the Realtree Fishing brand and the iconic hook/antler logo that is already taking the market by storm, the new Realtree Fishing pattern was developed using Bill Jordan's innovative method for blending background layers to give depth and texture to all Realtree patterns.

The Realtree Fishing pattern includes subtle Realtree branch and brush pile elements that interestingly mimic the bottom returns of today's depth finder technology, separating this unique pattern from the thousands of digital patterns on the market.

"Fishing has been a huge part of my outdoor life," said Realtree Designer and President Bill Jordan. "My father and family were in the boat business, I fished tournaments for years, and today I spend as much time as I can fishing with my children. It was just natural to extend the Realtree brand into the fishing market. So many hunters are just like me and my family and our Realtree employees. We enjoy all aspects of the outdoors. I wanted to create a camouflage pattern that connected outdoors people to the great sport of fishing, and by all indications we succeeded with the Realtree Fishing pattern."

Many of Realtree's more than 2,000 licensing and retail partners manufacture or market primarily to the 38,000,000 freshwater and 12,000,000 saltwater anglers in the United States. Even though Realtree's early success was rooted in the hunting industry, the company's influence now reaches into virtually every corner of the sporting world. So, it only makes sense for Realtree to offer a pattern for fishermen, since research shows that anglers also hunt.


Licensees are able to offer consumers an infinite array of color and texture options thanks to Realtree's unique design technology that includes subtle pattern elements, abstracts and light arrays, once again giving this pattern the depth and 3D feel that Realtree patterns are known for.

"As a leader and innovator, Realtree Founder and CEO Bill Jordan is bringing Realtree's unique design technology and marketing expertise to the fishing market where vibrant, bright colors are popular with anglers," Mike Swain, Realtree account manager and avid bass angler, said. "This pattern should resonate with hardcore bass and saltwater anglers, as well as fishermen who love the sport and want to reflect that passion every day, whether on the water or off. Look for the Realtree Fishing pattern from our great licensees online at the Realstore and soon at retailers everywhere."

The fourth largest collegiate apparel company, Colosseum, will announce products at the 2017 ICAST show and will then launch a full collection of products in both the Realtree Fishing Brand and the Realtree Fishing pattern for its spring 2018 line.

G2 Gemini Jersey's, the country's largest fishing jersey manufacturer, will offer Realtree Fishing pattern and Realtree Fishing brand jerseys online at the Realstore just prior to ICAST, and will showcase items at the show as well.

Pelican, an innovator in hard storage manufacturing, will also showcase Realtree fishing pattern products, such as coolers and tumblers, at the ICAST show as it gears up for an upcoming consumer launch.

Apparel items such as jerseys, fishing polos, vented fishing shirts, sun-shielding neck and face gaiters, hats, raingear and more will be for sale online and at key retailers over the next several months. Also, look for soft-sided tackle boxes in the Realtree Fishing pattern at fishing tackle retailers across the country.

For more information on the Realtree Fishing lifestyle brand, visit

Frogg Toggs Sierra Stockingfoot Waders

leah kirk

ARAB, Ala. — frogg toggs introduced two new models of its popular Sierran line of breathable stockingfoot waders for ICAST 2017. The Sierran lineup offers performance that meets the expectations of every hard-core fisherman, but at a value that is appreciated by even the saltiest Dry Flyer. It is equipped with features that are essential for every successful day on the water. The two additional models include:

The Sierran Transition Waders features:

Zippered flip-out security chest pocket

Oversized multi-function pocket featuring a zip/flip tray with pile backing for fly and tool storage

Attached gravel guards with no-slip elastic opening

No-rust lace hook

Adjustable X-back suspenders with locking buckle and D-rings

Adjustable locking chest cord

External fly-storage area with keyhole accessory patch

Net keeper back D-ring

Zip/Flip Tray Callout: Oversized multi-function pocket lined with pile backing, features a zip/flip tray, providing the ideal on-the-water workstation, while also providing ample fly and tool storage

Sizes from SM – 2X

Colors – Slate/Gray

The Sierran Transition Z Waders:

The Sierran Transition Z Waders feature a unique waterproof zip-front closure and …

Zippered flip-out security chest pocket

Dual multi-function pockets featuring felt-lined hand warmers

Bellowed zipper storage with overlayed pockets

Attached gravel guards with integral no-rust lace hooks

Adjustable X-back suspenders with quick-release locking buckles

Sizes from SM – 2X

Colors – Slate/Gray

"When we first designed the Sierran waders, we set out to make the industry's highest-performing, most affordable breathable wader, and we did that," said Will Fowler, frogg toggs®' Director of Marketing. "We received a lot of great feedback from our customers asking for additional features based on the type of fishing they did and their specific needs, so we developed the Sierran Transition and Transition Z waders to help meet those requests and offer a full lineup. What we are most proud of here at frogg toggs® is our ability to deliver a breathable wader that has the same quality, performance and features at nearly half the price of our competitors."

Located in one of the "wettest" parts of the country, frogg toggs® was founded in 1996 on the promise of total customer satisfaction, and to this day we don't introduce a product, make a change or commit a resource unless we know it will result in giving our customers even more reason to seek out and purchase the frogg toggs® brand. As our customer base expands from the traditional sporting segments into other outdoor activities, this commitment is strengthened rather than diluted. We understand that a growing market means increased demand for and scrutiny of product quality. Our response to this is embodied in the quality found in our ever-expanding product line. We have every confidence that each and every frogg toggs® product will provide our customers with the quality, performance and value associated with the frogg toggs® brand.

Rise Fishing Introduces New Fly Rods

leah kirk

Rise Fishing introduced a several high performance, budget friendly fly rods last week at ICAST in Orlando.   The In-Stream and Green Series were available at the show casting pond for trout focused anglers. Spey casting aficionados have access to the Blackwater Spey and Switch rods, just look for a wider lane on the ponds to really push the limits of these rods. The Balance and Level Series are both key players in the performance-budget friendly category but most anglers will be anxious to test the Level X.

The Level X Series is designed to deliver high-level line velocity for advanced fresh and saltwater fishing scenarios. The fast-action, 4 piece rods have full wells cork handles, fighting butts, saltwater safe reel seats and over-sized guides. Designed by serious blue water anglers, they are made for hardcore anglers who appreciate a rod with some backbone and fish stopping power.

Rods are paired with the 3-Tand TX, TF or T-series Big Game sealed Series reels. The Big Game series reels have 18 pounds of drag for hot saltwater fish. Reels are lined with Cortland model lines that match each rod while finding the perfect flex point.

Rise Rods mission is to create the best fly rods possible at a price that doesn't discriminate. No one is harder on gear than guides, so we've worked with world class fly fishing guides to help sculpt our rods and put them to the true test of fishing them hard! Thousands of days on the water have led to the design of our first two series of rods and this philosophy will never change, as we develop new series in the Rise line up. We have a passion for fly fishing we'd like to share, and we think everyone should have affordable access to the sport.

BOTE Backham Bug Slinger

leah kirk

Combining the best features of BOTE's uber versatile HD board and their giant-killer Ahab SUP, the hip Rackham Bug Slinger is destined for a special place in fishing lore. Twelve feet of the ultimate in fishing utility. Legendary stability, speed and versatility with a take-no-prisoners graphic treatment and durable construction. And did we mention it will comfortably transport a combined weight from you and your gear of up to 400 pounds? For most paddlers, that's a LOT of gear you can bring to the party.

The Rackham features a fiberglass shell with an expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam core formed into a displacement V-hull. Channel grooves were added to aerate the bottom of the board so it will flow a little quicker on the water than a flat bottom. At a generous 7" deep, this hull provides excellent flotation and stability with its weight of only 41 pounds without gear.

The large, flat, recessed deck makes a sturdy platform for aggressive paddling, plus casting, fighting and landing trophy fish. It's also here on the deck that the Rackham sets the standard for features other SUPs only dream about.

Starting at the bow, you'll first notice the Paddle Sheath™ that allows you to insert the blade end of your paddle into the slot, conveniently holding your paddle upright and within reach so your hands are freed up for landing dinner.

The displacement V-hull, 32" wide beam and 7" depth of the Rackham is designed for maximum capacity and stability. Rated at 400 pounds, this board will carry all you need for an extended adventure across the water.

The extra wide platform provides the stability you need to fish confidently in a variety of conditions. Remember to order an SUP paddle and life jacket (both sold separately) so you'll be ready to start your adventure as soon as possible.

Knife Robot Portable Knife Sharpener

leah kirk

Redwood City, Cal. (March 2017) - Knife Robot®, the world's first no-hands, no-hold, automatic knife sharpener successfully launched on Indiegogo in early March. Currently, the Knife Robot has over 150 backers raising 270% over the projected goal of $20,000. The Knife Robot Indiegogo project will be available until April 5, 2017.

"The Knife Robot project has eclipsed our expectations," Jim Kolchin, Knife Robot founder and CEO said. "Knife Robot has a wide application for multiple marketplaces, from the home kitchen to restaurants and from knife collectors and hobbyists to outdoors men and women, the Knife Robot saves time, eliminates mess and makes for a perfectly sharp blade every time."

Renowned knifemaker and designer, Ed Schempp, upon seeing the Knife Robot told Facebook fans, "I have used the machine. It is real."

The Knife Robot takes the guess work and the physical work out of knife sharpening. It can sharpen any knife, including serrated knives with a minimum blade length of 2-inches and a maximum blade length of 10-inches. The maximum blade width is 4-inches and maximum thickness is 3/8-inches.

With the hands-off mechanism, the knife is inserted and the Knife Robot does all the work in about 5 minutes.

 Using seven motors sensing the knife shape in 4 DoF it precision sands any detectable burrs, removing them based on custom input of angle, speed, and pressure. Sander motor speed and the angle (10 to 45 degrees per side) can be customized on the portable version for home cooks and hobbyists. Additional customization allows for setting a different angle on each side and the amount of pressure (light, medium, hard belt pressure), and watch on the portable's screen courtesy of a microscopic camera.

Harry Murray’s March Trout Fly Special

leah kirk

Take advantage of the excellent trout fishing this month by showing the fish the flies which match the natural insects they are feeding upon. Available from Harry Murray at Murray’s Fly Shop is a special collection that includes: (3 of each) Mr. Rapidan Emerger size 12, Mr. Rapidan Beadh Head Nymph size 12 and Mr. Rapidan Parachute Dry Fly size 14 with one FREE Murray's Trout Nymph 9ft 5X Leader.  Regularly priced at $30.60; right now they are available at the discounted price of $25.35. For more visit

Superiuminova Wrist Watch

leah kirk

Throughout the history of the wristwatch, designers have struggled with the best method to illuminate the watch face for easy viewing at night or in dark environments. Superluminova and tritium are popular solutions today, but both have shortcomings. When exposed to light regularly, Superluminova is the brightest option, but that brightness fades to below that of tritium over several hours. Tritium can illuminate constantly for ten years with zero light exposure, but it isn¹t as bright as Superluminova making it hard to see your watch when you go inside after being in bright sunlight.

               Reactor's Never Dark technology uniquely combines Superluminova and tritium making its watch faces visible in any lighting environment without waiting for your eyes to adjust. Even the blacked out Atom field watch is easy to see on nighttime hunting, fishing or boating trips, working in the garage or basement, or when stumbling around in the morning getting dressed in the dark. For more visit

Fishing With Purpose

leah kirk

Southern Trout Magazine has partnered with Patriot Threads Apparel to produce it’s first in a series of “Fishing With Purpose” Pocket Tee-shirts that highlight the Fly Fishing lifestyle while also raising awareness and support for our Veterans.   Patriot Threads donates 10% of the revenues from the sale of these shirts to Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing when you use Promo Code “TROUT” and will also provide free shipping as our launch special.  All shirts are proudly printed in the USA on the highest quality 100% cotton Comfort Color Pocket Tee-Shirts.   Styles come in White or Grey, Short Sleeve $28 or Long Sleeve $36 in sizes Small -3X.    Order today at    Look for new state designs to be launched each quarter!  Please post pictures wearing your Southern Trout shirts on our Face Book page @southerntrout to enter for a chance to win a Yeti Rambler Metal Beverage Tumbler!

Davidson River Outfitters Custom Hooks

leah kirk

What do you get when you put five fly fishing and fly tying fanatics together? You get a new brand of hooks that have been tested, retested and proven worthy to be branded with the Davidson River Outfitters name. We are excited to announce the release of the Davidson River Outfitters brand of hooks. For the past two years we have been working with various hook manufacturers to secure a quality hook that meets our demands for fishing and tying. We have intentionally tried to destroy and damage these hooks to find the weak point and have been highly impressed.
In addition to the regular tying hooks, we are launching a series of barbless tying hooks that will include not only competition models, but also standard dry fly and nymph hooks with a barbless option. All of our barbless hooks feature a nickel black finish with a super slick coating for maximum hook penetration.
 Our initial release features the standard tying hooks and three barbless options. The balance of the hooks will be arriving through the spring so keep your eye on our tying wall for all the new and exciting options. You can also purchase our hooks in the online store of our website here.


Fish-eye Wearable Fish Camera

leah kirk

Legendary angler Tom Buttons says it best, "Let a fish do your fishin™"! Simply strap the FishEye® on any mid-large size fish, log in the Welter Fish Eye app and you'll see everything below the surface! Works great for other "dry land" activities as well. All puns aside, this is a prank. It is an empty box only. If you still have a Kmart in your neck of the woods, they carry these wonderful angler gifts.

Travis the Singing Trout

leah kirk

If you have a southern fly fisherman on your list you simply must give something fishy for Christmas consider giving Travis the Singing Trout. Made by Gemmy, it is a silver fish with pink details that has an authentic appearance highlighted by an attached flat rocky slab. Hang Travis on the wall and press the red button below its tail. This talking fish will automatically swing its head out and sing one of two songs. Prowl eBay for more this re-gift special made by our good friends in China.


leah kirk

The Grillbot is the ultimate way to clean a grill. Touted as world's first automatic grill cleaning robot, simply place the Grillbot on your grill, press a button and you're done. It does all the grill cleaning for you — no more scrubbing! Features include push-button operation, three powerful electric motors, built-in LCD alarm & timer, and smart computer brain to regulate speed and direction.

Frontiersman Bear Horn

leah kirk

Bear dread the Frontiersman Bear Horn that erupts with an extremely loud burst of a 115 dB horn that can be heard up to half mile away. Bear spray accessories are a significantly louder alternative to bear bells; periodic blasts alert bears you're in the area, reducing your chance of startling an animal into aggressive behavior At a simple push of a button, compact and convenient tool can alert not only bears of one's presence but also warn other patrons of potential danger.

"It's important to remember that when you're in bear country, you're in a bear's natural habitat," says David Nance, SABRE CEO/V.P. of Sales & Marketing. "Letting them know that you're in the area is crucial to avoiding an encounter, which can startle bears into attacking, especially if she's with her cubs. Periodic blasts from this extremely loud bear horn can help you do just that."

SABRE, no. 1 pepper spray brand trusted by police and consumers worldwide, expands exclusive bear safety line. SABRE is the industry's leader provider of all things personal safety. With a more safety tools than ever, the Frontiersman Bear Spray and Frontiersman Bear Horn add to SABRE's extensive line of bear safety products. (Editor’s note: check to see if sprays are permitted where fish).

The potent bear spray alongside its powerful horn counterpart is the perfect combination to provide industry leading bear safety. The bear horn unleashes a sound warning bears that humans are present, giving them a warning to clear the area before any potentially dangerous encounters may occur. The bear spray provides a 1.84 oz. per burst in a heavy fog delivery that empties in 5seconds to get more spray between you and the bear, faster than ever! (Practice spray emits 1.6 oz. per burst, also emptying in 5 seconds)

The Frontiersman Bear Spray with Practice Spray comes with a 7.9 oz. practice spray that features the exact same deployment style and firing mechanism as the bear spray (available in 7.9 oz or 9.2 oz canister). The practice spray assists users in gaining muscle memory and ensuring confidence; the practice spray is intended to test in order to better prepare and protect yourself and loved ones during a high-stress encounters. 

Cortland Precision Quick Descent Line

leah kirk

Cortland Precision Quick Descent lines are the perfect choice for getting down deep — and fast. Unlike shooting heads that “hinge” instantly and are prone to tangling, the Quick Descent lines feature a beefy, elongated rear taper to provide a smooth transition from a fast-sinking head to a well-mannered running line for less kick when they turn over and easier handling on the retrieve. Available with 24-foot tips that sink 8 inches per second, they are offered in a choice of color-coded grain weights to quickly and easily load 6- through 10-weight rods. For more visit

New Free Map

leah kirk

More than 2 million acres of public forests, parks and scenic byways throughout East Tennessee and Western North Carolina can now be viewed in print and online in a new Outdoor Recreation Map initiated by the Cherokee National Forest.

Whether visitors are traveling by car, motorcycle or RV, a printed map of this type is a valuable guide, especially in areas where mobile device signals cannot reach. Major highways are included on the map, but its creators hope that travelers will explore more scenic routes, such as the Blue Ridge Parkway or Cherohala Skyway.

The free map replaces an outdated map once used by the Cherokee National Forest, The Tennessee Department of Tourist Development joined the Partners, along with 10 other government and non-profit agencies to create the map. Those groups include Cherokee National Forest, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Cradle of Forestry in America Interpretive Association, Great Smoky Mountains Association, Blue Ridge Parkway, Blue Ridge National Heritage Area, Tennessee State Parks, North Carolina State Parks, Visit North Carolina, and Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation.

Some 50,000 maps have been printed; they may be found at state welcome centers and visitor information centers. The map will be periodically updated. To view and download the map online, visit

Soque River Ramble T-shirts

leah kirk

Very cool looking Soque River Ramble T-shirts printed to commemorate the 2016 Soque River Ramble are available to those not making the actual. “Didn't make the race but want people to think you did?  We can fix you up!  We have a limited number of 2016 Soque River Ramble collectible t-shirts for sale for $20 each.” These high quality long-sleeve t-shirts feature a pressed flower native brook trout by local artist Sarah Samsel with design assistance and production by Bluegraphics.  Call the SRWA office at (706) 754-9382 or e-mail to get your shirt today,

Hareline Slotted Tungsten Beads

leah kirk

Slotted beads will slide around the bend of any hook, and they are heavier than countersunk beads because less metal has been removed from the spherical shape. Slotted tungsten beads are environmentally friendly and are more than twice the weight of brass, getting the hook to sink quickly. Tungsten beads are heavy. Harline Slotted Tungsten Beads are also good to use with jig hooks on which the eye is offset at an angle to the shank. They come 20 beads per package. For more visit