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We would like to introduce an innovative new product for fishing and drone hobbyist

We have developed a highly innovative product/solution for the (drone enthusiast) who love to fish. Our research indicates that our drone technology is unique and will offer significant advantage over all available similar and competing drone products out there for fisherman.

Our idea will deliver the following customer benefits:

 Quick and easy interchangeable pods that screw onto the bottom of the drone.

 Such as, Fish Finder, Line Flier, Camera

 “Fish Finder” Finds the best fishing spots without ever moving your boat

 “Line Flier” takes fishing lure and drops it further than you can cast.

 “Camera” captures amazing images above and below the water surface

We believe that this new product could fit well within your company portfolio, given your market strengths, values and customer base, and so we would like to present our Aguadrone to you and your appropriate team.

If you’d like to proceed to the next stage to offer this product in your stores. Please contact me Also, if you’d like to see how popular our product is GOOGLE search “Aguadrone”

Yours sincerely, Daniel Marion 619-955-2871

The Einarsson ‘Plus’ series are made in different sizes to fit all your fishing situations, from small trout in both lakes and rivers up to trophy fish both in salt and fresh water.The brake system of the Einarsson ‘Plus’ series is completely sealed. All stainless steel components in all models are saltwater proof. The thickness of the anodizing layer is approximately 20mμ, meaning that the Plus reels are for any fresh or saltwater fly fishing.

The Einarsson ‘Plus’ reels are made in Iceland, and are machined and assembled to Einarsson’s exacting standards in a high standard factory. The drag package is a combination of metal and composite materials that ensure a silky smooth drag that retains constant force at all settings. Carbon fibre discs are made in USA, drawn cup clutch bearings are made in Germany and the chrome steel ball bearings are made in Japan.

The aluminum parts of the reels are machined out of 6061 T6 to ensure strength and stability for a lifetime of hard use. Main frame and spools are forged, similar production method as piston rods in a car machine. Main shaft material is made using saltwater proof stainless steel. They are available in five sizes: 3plus, 5plus, 7plus, 8Plus, and 9plus. Each model has an identical sealed braking system built on the same design principles although there is a difference in braking strength between sizes. Reels are available in four standard colors: Black, Bronze, Clear and Red. For more info visit

The East Texas Fly Fishers and the North Louisiana Fly Fishers are jointly hosting the Caddo Conclave this year at Caddo Lake State Park. The event is April 8th and 9th, 2016. The Caddo Conclave promises to be a well rounded event with kayak demonstrations, TFO rod demonstrations, great food, interesting presentations, and quality fly tiers.

Brett Rowell is in charge of inviting fly tiers. If you would like to tie flies at this event, feel free to contact Brett at: His phone is 318-207-6097. Steve Oliver is in charge of booking venders for this event. If you have a homemade item that you sell, or sell a product or service related to fly fishing, feel free to contact Steve to become a vender at the Caddo Conclave. There is no charge to be a vender. Steve Oliver can be reached at: His phone number is 318-349-6411.