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Siberian Outback Series Coolers

leah kirk

Siberian’s Outback Series features four new models—30 quart, 50 quart, 82 quart and 125 quart—built for the harshest environments on the planet. All Outback models have been designed with thicker walls, more insulation and beefed-up, extremely durable components. Siberian has added to each of these a new Quick-Switch reversible-feet design, which feature a "sticky" no-slip rubber on one side and an "Easy Slide" hard side. Whether you want to move a full cooler with ease or need your cooler to stay exactly where you put it, the Quick-Switch reversible-feet will meet your demands.


In addition, heavy-duty stainless-steel latches and hinges, when combined with the roto-molded one-piece design and Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDP) outer shell, make the Outback Series Coolers virtually indestructible and extremely versatile. When performance and durability matter, the Siberian Outback Series coolers deliver in quality, versatility and price. For more visit or call, 844-782-COLD.