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leah kirk

                SOLOSHOT may be the “hot product” for 2016 when it is released to the public later this summer. If you like the results you get fly fishing with a GoPro, then you’re going to flip out over the SOLOSHOT. The device allows you to automatically film your fishing without the need of a cameraman. To film yourself with SOLOSHOT, the Robot Cameraman, you wear a wrist tag. The SOLOSHOT locks onto the tag and automatically pans, tilts, and zooms to keep you in the camera's shot up to 2,000 ft. away for over 3 hours--no line of sight required.

SOLOSHOT allows you to create mesmerizing time-lapses or track and capture the night sky with app-like ease. The touch screen interface guides you through the process, step-by-step all while the built in software process all the images into memory.

Who will edit all that footage? Don't worry, it’s automated, too. SOLOSHOTedit intelligently identifies highlights and pushes them to the SOLOSHOTcloud for you to view anytime, anywhere, from any place in the world. For more information and to check out this awesome invention, go to .