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Breaking News: SOLAREZ UV Revolution World Tour Contest

leah kirk


On September 30, 2018, Solarez, in partnership with Southern Trout and Southern Saltwater Fly Fishing magazines, Dr. Slick Fly Tying Tools, and FlyTyer Magazine will launch The Solarez UV Revolution World Tour.   Rock Concerts?  NO.  Instead, an awareness program exploring all of the different types of flies that can be tied with Solarez UV Resins

So, just what is this Solarez UV Revolution World Tour?  It is a contest and social media tour directed at the fly tying and fly fishing world that will generate awareness and the unique application value of using Solarez in constructing flies.  This program will run from September 30, 2018 through April 1, 2019 and will create an opportunity for fly tiers from all over the world to showcase their fly tying abilities. 

REQUIREMENTS:  Tiers will be required to post a photo of their fly with an accompanying Solarez UV Product and pattern ingredients for the fly on one of the four Solarez Facebook pages: North America, Europe, Australia or New Zealand the entrant geographically belongs to. Posts that do not include the Solarez product with fly and pattern will be deleted immediately.  Only those posts meeting the requirements will remain.  

So, what happens next?  

The top 5 contributors with the most FB  ‘likes’ at the end of each month will receive a  t-shirt and an additional 5 t-shirts will be awarded via a random drawing from those who posted likes. Drawings will be held on last day of each month and winners will be announced during the first week of the following month.  (all t-shirts will be size XL to manage inventory)

.* On October 1, the first drawing will be from individuals who ‘like’ the Solarez Page from September 19-September 30. This contest will be announced ‘softly’ via Solarez FB pages, shares, and Pro Team Members and partner posts

The following month (October will set the stage for Nov. Dec. Jan, Feb and last one in Mar. for a total of 7 months in each geographical area) will start the process all over again until final drawing will be held on April 1.  TWO (2) GRAND PRIZES, will be randomly drawn from tyers who have submitted flies for the World Tour and all those who have provided likes.

Votes will only be collected for flies posted on Solarez FB pages.  Contributor flies will be shared with Partner FB pages. Partners will also be encouraged to offer monthly prizes from random drawings from monthly ‘likers’ of their own individual FB pages.  Winners will be shared/posted on all Solarez FB pages. 

Southern Trout and Southern Saltwater magazines will be featuring some Pro Team and consumer flies in each issue over the next 6 months. Or course, they will be respective of either trout or saltwater patterns. 

Dr. Slick will provide flytying tools monthly. 

Flytyer Magazine will be supporting this tour program by highlighting flies. 

We here at STM and SSFF magazines are honored to having been asked to participate in this unique challenge and look forward to our participation. The next covers of STM and SSFF reflect our commitment to making this contest a great success.  It is proof that we have had an impact on fly fishing beyond the south land. Thank you Solarez and good luck with making the contest a resounding success.