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AGFC: Thanks, but No Thanks to Fin Nippers

leah kirk

The following is a note from Christy Graham - AGFC, forwarded for your interest.

Hello All,

We conducted our annual electrofishing sample in Dry Run Creek on August 8th.  During the sample, we collected several large fish with what appeared to be angler-made notches in their tails.   We have heard of folks doing this to "mark" trout as ones they have caught previously.  We strongly advise against the practice of doing so.

Injuries of this nature can cause infections in the fish and ultimately lead to their death. The additional stress of handling and clipping can also negatively affect the fish. Please leave trout marking up to us, which is typically done in a controlled setting, while fish are sedated, and their condition is monitored for several weeks prior to stocking.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

*Christy Graham*

Trout Management Program | Supervisor

E-mail: | P: (870) 424-5924 | M: (870) 404-0477