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Virginia Trout Regulations Update

leah kirk

Virginia Trout Regulations Update.jpg

The printed version of the digest has incorrect information for the 2018 Trout Heritage Waters. The fee fishing areas are closed to angling from April 2-6. Heritage Waters are closed on Friday, April 6th. On April 7, fishing can begin at 9:00 a.m.

A trout license is not required to fish designated stocked trout waters during Free Fishing Days, June 1-3, 2018.

Waters announced for the 2018 Youth-only Stocked Trout Program.

Cook Lake (Alexandria), Hearthstone Lake (Augusta Co.) and Swift Run (Greene Co.) will not be stocked in 2018.

Big Tumbling Creek Seasonal Catch and Release Area. This section will be managed as a stocked catch and release area during the period that the Fee Area is not in operation. Catchable-sized trout will be stocked during this period and anglers may fish with artificial lures only. No trout or bait may be in possession while fishing this area.