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Vintage Fiberglass Fly Rod Book

leah kirk

new book.jpg

Here's ANOTHER new book launching "Fourteen Sticks of Glass: Fishing and Appreciating the Vintage Fiberglass Fly Rod" by, Dr. Todd E.A. Larson. It's a history of 16 vintage glass rod companies with a huge amount of information that has never before been published on Heddon, Fenwick, Brule Corp., Kodiak Corp, True Temper, Cisco Kid, Ted Williams Inc., Union Hardware/Bristol/Rainbeau Corp., Klein's of Chicago, Martin Corp., Hardy Sceptre, Andy Manchester, and Elmer Van Wettering! A great romp through glass rod history and (I hope) a very entertaining book. It took Larsen ten years to put this one together. Will be available for purchase on Whitefish Press web site next week.

In response to the current level of interest in the subject Tim O’Brien recently began a fiberglass fly column in all issues of Southern Trout Magazine.