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Georgia: Black Bass Capital of the World!

leah kirk

ga RedeyeBass.JPG

 “No doubt the Black Bass is the appointed successor to the Lordly Trout...that he will eventually become the leading game fish of America is my oft-expressed opinion and firm belief.” —Dr. James A. Henshall, Book of the Black Bass, 1881

Although writing primarily about the largemouth bass, Dr. Henshall’s prediction written over 125 years ago has literally been fulfilled. Today, black bass are the most sought-after species in North America, with Georgia as one of the premier destinations.

The idea behind the Georgia Bass Slam is to recognize anglers with the knowledge and skill to catch five (5) different species of black bass in a variety of habitats across the state and to stimulate interest in the conservation and management of black bass and their habitats.

What Will You Get?

Anglers that successfully catch five eligible species, and submit all required information will receive the following:

Personalized Certificate

Two (2) passes to the Go Fish Education Center

Some fantastic and fun stickers (for vehicle windows/bumpers) to advertise your brag-worthy achievement

All successful submissions for the calendar year will go into a drawing for an annual grand prize

Anglers will be recognized on this website, at the Go Fish Education Center, and through a variety of social media platforms

Species & Location Information

Where to find each bass species

Species information:











Some of these bass are similar in appearance, so it is important that you review the location you fish, and the characteristics and markings of each fish in order to best ensure your entry is processed correctly.

*Due to their similarities, largemouth bass, and Florida largemouth bass will be considered the same species.

**Alabama bass and Kentucky bass will be considered the same species—these two are commonly known as spotted bass. These bass are similar in physical appearance and often hybridize, producing intergrades that can only be distinguished through genetic analysis.


Following are rules for qualifying for the Georgia Bass Slam:

Species: Catch five (5) of the 10 eligible Georgia black bass species.

Legal Catch: Fish must be legally caught on waters where you have permission to fish.

Length Limits: In waters where length limits apply, the fish must be of a legal size to be eligible. If there is no minimum length limit, the fish must be at least eight (8) inches long to be recognized for the Slam. Photos: Take several quality photos. Please include at least one photo of you with the fish, one side photo of the fish on a measuring board or next to a measuring tape or ruler. Any other photos you think may help in confirming the identification of the fish.

Time Frame: Fish must be caught within the time frame of a calendar year. So, anglers who wish to get recognized for a 2018 Georgia Bass Slam must catch 5 of the 10 eligible black bass species and submit their information by midnight December 31, 2018.

Submit Information: Email the photos, along with your name, DNR Customer Number, length of the fish, weight (if available), and the county and water body in which it was caught to If you are unsure of the bass species, you can still submit the fish and DNR will identify it from the photos and location information provided.