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ST “Legends of the Fly” Hall of Fame Nominations Begin

leah kirk

The nominating period has begun for the third annual Southern Trout “Legends of the Fly” Hall of Fame induction to be held February 2nd at the Fly Fishing Show in Atlanta, Georgia. This slate of candidates is picked by you. As in the past when such venerated southern fly rod legends as Keven Howell and Ernest Peckingbaug were voted into the Hall of Fame, the 2019 version is the same people’s choice award.

               The guidelines are simple. Nominees should be of mostly southern roots who have contributed much of theirs live to promoting southern fly fishing. The honor is not designed for game wardens or fisheries professionals or leaders of charities or organization of groups whose primary interest is trout. It is more of a meat ‘n tater affair where unsung heroes of the fly fishing heritage of the South get their chance to be recognized.

               Most past nominees are grandfathered into the exiting slate of candidates. The nomination period runs from June 17, 2018 through October 3rd, 2018. The slate nominations will appear in October/November issue of Southern Trout Magazine.  We encourage everyone to participate. Cast your vote at Please include a brief biograph thumbnail of the nominee and a picture if possible.

               We are all aware of the recent demise of fly fishing legend Lefty Kreh. Like many, I wanted to nominate him to the ST “Legends of the Fly” Hall of Fame last year. The reason Lefty was not nominates was at his heart felt request opposed to further honors and accolades. I discussed it with him on several occasions. He steadfastly insisted not to be included, preferring others be so honored. While I do not agree with Lefty, he was quite firm in his stand, so much in fact that I dare not ignore his wishes.