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Bryson City Museum - Aquarium Update

leah kirk

The time has arrived. Tuesday Nov. 27th, the five largest aquarium tanks will be delivered. We will need a forklift with extended forks and a pallet jack on-site for the day. The forklift can be returned as soon as all the tanks are secured inside that day. We may need the pallet jack late in the day. I will send out another note with the expected approx. time of delivery once they contact me with that information...however, unless we are the first delivery of the day which we have requested at 10 am, the information is an intelligent guess on their part.

                Briefly, here is my understanding of what we need to do that day. Truck will have to come in on Collins Street from another street other than Island Drive. When truck arrives, fork lift will be used to take the tank(s) off. The first tank to be placed is the rimless, largest tank for the mountain stream. the forklift will position the tank on its pallet at the back door. The 1000 pound tank and the tank foam mat will be removed from the pallet at the door. lifted inside onto the pallet jack via suction cups and about 8-10 people (I have 5-6 people lined up).

We will use a few empty pallets to place the tank to a height for easier lifting and positioning at the tank stand. The OSB board has to be cut for the piping positions. The mat is put in place with double stick tape and holes cut for the piping also. The tank is lifted and positioned via suction cups and about 8-10 people (we have a few alternative tricks to move and position the larger tanks if need be - small diameter pipes to roll the tank into position, plastic wedges to drop in place).

                We will do the same steps for the other rimmed, large 1000 pound tank. these two tanks will be the primary challenge. The other three will be done roughly in the same manner but they weigh less and will not require more 4-5 people to lift. The goal is to have the five large tanks in place that day.

                I plan to bring the suction cups and the double stick tape. Jim Estes, Tim Hensley will bring the skill saw, pipes, wedges and other tools to bring the mountain stream platforms together as each tank is added. Chris Holler, his buddy Austin and possibly one more plan to be there. I will come up with someone from Upscale Aquatics who is experienced in handling these large tanks. Patricia Pezza and Jon Smith may be able to be there depending on their night shift schedules. So, Tanner will need to have 4-6 local crew there for a few hours to get the first tanks in place, then they can be freed up. If Eugene (fly shop guy) could be there it will help and I know they would like to be a part of this big event if they can be.