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Sowbug Roundup

leah kirk

A presentation to the Mountain Home A&P Commission on behalf of the Sowbug Roundup. They were asked for $3300 and they gave us $3000.The Commission likes the Sowbug Roundup and the business that it brings to town.

Sowbug Committee is meeting monthly to plan and work to make Sowbug better than ever for you. The invitations to demonstration tiers will be going out shortly and indications are that interest is going to be very high. If you want to be one of the “Stars of the Show,” be sure to register as soon as possible after you receive your invitation.

In addition to the exceptional and talented fly tiers, this is a major social event. The theme this year will be Streamers, but this doesn’t mean that tiers must tie them. Demonstration tiers may tie whatever flies they wish. They’re currently considering some new features for Sowbug and John Berry will again be having his fly tying contest. With luck, we'll be able to have four tying classes of the caliber we had last year. If you would like to run a class or have a suggestion for a topic or a particular person who would be willing to do an appropriate class, please contact me.

As the 2019 Sowbug Roundup approaches they’d like to encourage NAFF members to seriously consider volunteering to help in any capacity they can. NAFF is a relatively small organization (in terms of active members) and a lot of help is required to operate Sowbug the way we’d like for it to run. It is fun to be involved. You have the sense of accomplishment when you have contributed to a successful event, and you get to meet and socialize with a great bunch of folks. Please consider offering to help in some capacity. You will not regret your decision to become a part of the 2019 Sowbug Roundup!