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Breaking News: Atlanta Fly Fishing Show This Weekend

leah kirk


The long-awaited Fly Fishing Show is this weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. We’re hoping for great weather and a big turn out.  Frankly, it’s worth driving a couple hundred miles to experience. Of course one of our biggest deals of the year is there, the second ST “Legends of the Fly” Hall of Fame induction.

The event Co-sponsored by Southern Trout Magazine and The Fly Fishing Show as well as Georgia Council of TU, 8 Rivers Fly Rods, Sweetwater Brewing Company, Swain County NC, Museum of Southern Appalachian Fly Fishing, Thomas & Thomas Fly Rods, and the Tennessee Council of TU. It’s gonna be a hoot.

John Reinhardt will be the Master of Ceremony. If you ever heard Reinhardt speak or near to a microphone, you just never know what he will say. Right now I am on good terms with all of the inductees, something I nervously hope will hold true at the end of the induction. My usual instructions to John were, “hell are you getting paid to for it aren’t you, don’t ask me what to say.”