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Proposed NC Trout Regs

leah kirk

Proposed NC Trout Regs.jpg

Here’s potential trout fishing regulation currently being considered for waters in North Carolina:

Designating all waters on the William H. Silvers Game Land in Haywood County and Headwaters Game Land in Transylvania County as Public Mountain Trout Waters and classifying them as Wild Trout Waters. The Wild Trout Waters classification is the default trout classification on game lands with trout resources.

Modifying the upper boundary of Delayed Harvest Trout Waters on the East Fork French Broad River in Transylvania County by removing 1 mile of Public Mountain Trout Waters between East Fork Baptist Church and the French Broad River. This upper reach has been posted against trespass, and the Wildlife Commission believes the change would more accurately reflect which portion of the stream is stocked and accessible to the public.

Removing the requirement that minnow traps be attended by the person operating them when used to take nongame fish for bait or personal consumption. Under this provision, the use of minnow traps would require only a license authorizing basic fishing privileges, and any nongame fish collected could not be sold. The change is suggested because minnow traps are traditionally fished by leaving them unattended overnight.

Allowing harvest of nongame fishes for bait or personal consumption from impounded waters of power supply reservoirs and municipally owned water supply reservoirs designated as Public Mountain Trout Waters. These include Cliffside Lake, Cheoah Reservoir, and Wolf Lake. The change is designed to allow additional opportunity for constituents.