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World’s Largest Wildlife Attraction

leah kirk

Johnny Morrison ship wreck rooms.jpg

Just a day trip away from many of your readers in the Ozarks, the largest, most immersive wildlife attraction in the world is opening in Springfield, Missouri. Noted conservationist and Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris – sometimes referred to as “the Walt Disney of the Outdoors” – has created a new world-class experience for everyone: Johnny Morris’ Wonders of Wildlife National Museum & Aquarium in Springfield, Missouri.

 Wonders of Wildlife is Johnny Morris’ gift to America at a time when children are spending more time inside on screens rather than engaging with the natural world. Celebrating people who hunt, fish and act as stewards of the land and water, this aquarium and museum offers deeply insightful lessons about the importance of connecting with nature even if you have never picked up a fishing pole. And what a unique opportunity for your readers to have a state of the art attraction close by in the heartland of America.

 Massive: 350,000 square feet with 1.5 miles of immersive trails, interactive surprises and creative exhibits including 1.5 million gallons of freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

·         Global: 35,000 live fish, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds representing more than 800 species from around the world.

·         Immersive: Fully immersive wildlife galleries featuring 4D dioramas that transport guests to the wildest places on earth through sights, sounds, smells and climates. You’ll feel the chill of the Arctic, the cold winds of the Himalayas, the dry sun of the African Savannah and more. View photos of aquarium experiences like the Shipwreck Room and wildlife galleries like Sheep Mountain (both pictured below).

Conservation-focused: Partnerships with more than 40 leading conservation organizations help share the story of conservation from the Native Americans to Lewis and Clark and modern-day wildlife management. Countless artifacts make it real including Hemingway’s boat and personal possessions from our conservationist president Teddy Roosevelt to name a few.

Fun: Johnny Morris’ signature creativity and attention-to-detail ensures there are surprises around every corner to amaze guests of all ages. From stepping inside a massive “open ocean” ring-shaped aquarium, trekking across a sprawling 50,000-square foot re-creation of the African Savannah and going underwater and eye-to-eye with piranha – the entire adventure is full of special touches you’ll have to see to believe.