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Breaking News: Great Southeastern Trout Unlimited SHOOT OUT

leah kirk

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

Trout Unlimited is deeply engrained in the mission statement of Southern Trout Magazine. We want to strengthen the relationship with TU by working to have every member in your state as a subscriber to this free digital publication. The “carrot on the stick” being offered to help this happen is Southern Trout Magazine has partnered with the world famous fly rod maker, Thomas & Thomas. This special partnering allows us to award a brand new Thomas & Thomas fly rod to the TU chapter in the zone that signs up the most subscribers to Southern Trout Magazine. A total of five Thomas & Thomas rods will be given out. The winning TU chapter in its zone will have a "jackpot roll" auction item, a Thomas & Thomas fly rod for their next fund raising effort!

We hope that interested TU chapters will see this as a very unique opportunity to receive a top shelf auction item and have bragging rights as a winning chapter in your state/region. To help achieve parity between chapters with large memberships and those chapters that have lower, growing memberships, we encourage chapters to reach out beyond their members to others such as non-member anglers, family members or friends who you believe might enjoy receiving and reading Southern Trout Magazine. Sign up at


May a chapter bulk subscribe its entire membership?

Yes, providing the chapter is in agreement with doing so. Anyone receiving Southern Trout Magazine can opt out at any time.

Many of our members are already subscribers to Southern Trout Magazine. Does their sign up count in the contest?

Yes, however participants must still submit their information in the form on the website so we can record with what chapter they are affiliated. The objective on the part of chapters is to win. Our subscriber list program automatically kicks out duplicate email addresses. However, the chapter will NOT be credited with the sign up if participants do not sign up through the form, even if they are already signed up.

How do we send in the list of subscribers?

We have created a landing/sign-up page exclusively for this campaign. Simply go to the site,, choose your state and chapter, enter your name and email, and that's it. If you prefer, send via email your hand written lists, or send them snail mail. Either is perfectly acceptable. If you do the latter, for proper accreditation to your chapter's tally, please be sure to clearly identify the name of your chapter for proper crediting. Request a printable form, via email if you wish. Email for a form.

Prior to the beginning of the second month of the contest, the total subscriber numbers will be posted at and chapter presidents will be copied. A second posting email to chapter presidents will go out two weeks before the contest ends to provide them with the latest tallies.

We regularly patronize our local fly shop. Can we put a hand sign-up form there?

Yes, by all means. This and other venues such as fly fishing festivals or events, or even church or civic groups. Our goal is to get Southern Trout Magazine in front of as many anglers as possible. Additionally, we will provide you with a printable form to help you facilitate this including instructions on how to submit it. Hopefully your goal is to win and receive a Thomas & Thomas fly rod for an upcoming fund raising effort. We are hoping the effort will be fun and even highly competitive.

When does the contest start and when will it end with the announcement of the winner?

The official start is September 15, with the winner being announced on December 15. The only real rule is that lists must be sent to us dated no later than December 20.

How is the contest geographically divided?

We sharpened our pencils and came up with these arenas of competition:

 North Carolina:                                total of 16 chapters

Virginia:                                               total of 18 chapters

Tennessee/Kentucky:                     total of 10 chapters

Georgia/SC:                                        total of 16 chapters

WV/Maryland                                   total of 13 chapters

How are the email addresses of Southern Trout Magazine subscribers protected?

The email addresses of the subscribers are sacred. They are never shared, sold, or rented out to anyone ever. This is a cornerstone policy that will never change. Additionally, we emphasize that any subscriber may unsubscribe at any time! Southern Trout Magazine, Thomas & Thomas, and any sponsor of this challenge will not allow subscriber email address to be used for any other purpose other than directly communicating with subscribers. Subscriber lists are never rented, sold, shared or otherwise used for any purpose other than the fore noted reason.

 This is our promise,

"Cross our hearts, hope to die, stick a needle in our eye."