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Lake Taneycomo Car Hazard

leah kirk

Car, after car, after car is underwater at Lake Taneycomo sitting in the lake after June's floods. You can see them from the Falls Creek Marina, where many people go kayaking or fishing. "For me, my element down here is the fishing dock. We just have a great, great time," said Ed Johnsonbaugh, who is a fisherman. For Ed Johnsonbaugh, the Fall Creek Marina is the place for the best catch. But in his years fishing at Lake Taneycomo, he has never seen anything like this. "There's one. It used to be a blue pickup truck of some kind or another. But you'd never recognize it. It's just a rolled-up, crumpled-up, metal. Glass and parts are all over the place," Johnsonbaugh said. KSPR News wanted to see how many cars are in Lake Taneycomo. Saturday KSPR News crews counted ten cars in the lake.

                A Missouri Department of Natural Resources or DNR spokesman said nine of the cars belong to nearby Fall Creek Motors. KSPR News did try to reach Fall Creek Motors Saturday. But, they were closed so KSPR News crews were unable to talk to them. The car dealer is paying a contractor to get the cars out of the lake. It was supposed to happen Friday and Saturday; but, did not. DNR said the holdup was "the contractor was not able to assemble the proper equipment in time to perform the work". Until it happens, the fishermen are worried about boaters "The biggest thing is the hazard to boats. There are several of them out there and a few of them are just under the surface," Johnsonbaugh said.