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Five Things about North Carolina Trout Fishing

leah kirk

Trout fishing is a big deal in North Carolina! Here are five cool facts about trout fishing in our state:

1.      It brings in money and jobs. Trout fishing is a huge economic benefit to our state. In 2014, it brought in an estimated $383 million and supported 3,600 jobs each year.

2.      NC has more native populations of Brook Trout than anywhere in the Southeast! The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC) carefully manages these populations, and also stocks Rainbow and Brown trout where feasible. See the stocking schedule at

3.      Access is expanding. NCWRC continuously works to add more high-quality Public Mountain Trout Waters to its network. The agency enhances and restores cold water streams, and partners with landowners to expand public access to existing trout streams.

4.      Clean, Drain, Dry, and Never Move! Since it’s nearly impossible to eradicate trout parasites such as gill lice and Whirling Disease once they’ve entered a stream, a nationwide campaign urges anglers to prevent the spread of these aquatic hitchhikers. The campaign instructs anglers to clean, drain, and dry their boats and fishing equipment before entering other water bodies, and never moving plants, animals or other organisms from one place to another.

5.      NCWRC helps you plan your fishing trip. An interactive map at lets you to look up trout fishing locations based on criteria you select, and see which regulations apply at those locations so that you can plan ahead for your fishing trip.