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North Georgia Wild Trout Report

leah kirk

Unicoi Outfitters via their Liar’s Club Newsletter has spilled the beans on the status of wild trout fishing in North Georgia, not that it has been great recently, and should continue through the summer as long as we continue to receive some rainfall. Anglers searching for streams can begin their journey on many of our waterfall hiking trails around the area. These streams generally offer easier access with little angling pressure. Fly selection is not very important, as these fish are generally not picky, but it is important to fish patterns which are easily visible on the water.

When picking patterns, focus on parachute patterns that are small enough for these fish to eat. We suggest staying between a size 10 and 16 fly for the best results. Use a #14 or #16 if you just want to catch fish, and a #10 or #12 if you would like to target some of the bigger ones. These fish are smaller on average, with a 10 incher being a trophy; however, they do offer some explosive dry fly strikes! Although these fish are smaller than your typical Delayed Harvest fish, they live in some of the most beautiful places around the area. Often times I find myself stopping to take in the scenery more so than fishing. Wild trout fishing is for those who love the journey as much as the destination. If interested in learning more about wild trout fishing, be sure to either stop by the shop, or hire one of our guides for a half day of exploration.