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Timing is Everything

leah kirk


                Of the over hundred responses to proposed changes to the newsletter, almost half of you asked that I make the call or just outright seize the reins of this runaway train. I’d like to thank you, but the timing was poor, as last weekend I was given a two month probation for having been reported by Daddyboy who said that he caught rifling through the garbage can. It darn near cost me going to the Blue Ridge Trout and Outdoors Festival.

                For the record, there is no company policy limiting the use and/or access to the garbage, i.e. if deposits may be made, what is the problem with occasional withdraws. For my part, I see no real difference. I do believe that food scraps should not be put in the garbage can, but is just my personal opinion as an independent, free-thinking progressive canine.

                Testimony resulting from the trumped up darn trash in the floor investigation also brought to light my active participation here in a much needed corporate coup d’état. The plan never progressed much beyond the writing of the Fly Fishing Dog Manifesto and the accumulation of a few guns and a small supply of explosives. Throughout the whole ordeal I was treated like some sort of crazed pit bulldog terrorist.

                Today Daddyboy and JD (I don’t like him either) are somewhere in the Smokies celebrating Comrade Lenin’s birthday and feeding the otters. If you are lucky enough to get a picture of one of them harassing an otter, please send it to me. FYI-I am seriously considering striking out on my own and forming a 501c3 under the title “Dog Lives Matter”. I have about had with these bipods and their petite bourgeoisie pretenses. POWER TO THE PUPS!!!