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Don Says: Newsletter Overhaul

leah kirk

Almost since its inception, Southern Trout Magazine has had a weekly newsletter that I have compiled (except during my 6-month suspension when Olive K. Nynne held the reins.) The mission of the ST Newsletter was to create a fly fishing for trout “crossroads” of information from the Ozarks to the Appalachians. Now that I have backed off on what Nynne refers to as “right-wing lunatic fringe element rants.” The newsletter has matured into a popular forum. She still watches me for the smallest of missed ques.

               The newsletter goes out to over 30,000 people and has an opening rate of 42 percent, which I am told exceeds the planetary average. The problem is that with our current four fishing magazines, the newsletter has outgrown the “ST” designation. I am told that sending out a weekly newsletter for Southern Saltwater Fly Fishing, Southern Kayak Fishing and the Ozark Edition would overload most subscribers’ email donkey.

               While I still retain some semblance of order and control here, the editors of these magazines, and the soon to be announced new editor of Southern Trout Magazine, pretty much run their own titles. One plan is to integrate the present ST Newsletter to cover Southern Trout, Southern Kayak Fishing, Southern Saltwater Fly Fishing and Southern Trout Ozark Edition in a single newsletter. The other option is to have each magazine title have a “monthly’ newsletter that goes out on a rotating bases with each editor doing his newsletter. I like both options. Olive will cast the deciding vote (she showed me that it was in her contract).

               If you would, please email at to let me know which option you like.