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FFF Southern Council 2017 Fly Fishing Schools

leah kirk

Every year Riverside Retreat donates 20% of gross sales of the Fly Fishing School to the IFFF Southern Council for fishery conservation. This year our goal is $4,000. You can help by forwarding this email on to those you think might be interested or pasting this link on your Facebook page or other media.

The April 7 - 9 session (great for novice through intermediate anglers) is approaching, and we have 5 - 7 spots open. Call and reserve now!

The April 28 - 30 session with 4 time author Jason Randall will be geared toward intermediate to advanced anglers. Call and reserve now!

Instruction over 3 days, with 2 nights lodging and all your meals for $495. This is the highest value Fly Fishing School you will ever find.

Why is School our different? We believe that fly fishing is something that cannot be learned just by giving you information. It must be knowledge given through a 'hands-on' application.  You can read all the books and watch all the videos you like, but there's no substitute for on-the-water instruction from a patient, helpful, humble, and experienced guide/instructor.

Our guide/instructor to student ratio is 3:1. Sessions are limited to 10 -12 attendees.  3 hours of personal, one-on-one casting instruction by IFFF Certified Casting Instructors.  11 hours of classroom presentations of fly fishing techniques followed with 8 hours of on-the-water time to help you convert "what you heard" into "what you now know", all while fishing one of the nation's finest trout streams.

Lodging is at Riverside Retreat, located on the White River in the Ozark Mountains of north central Arkansas. You will have a private room, complete with a full bathroom. Private cabins are available at additional cost. The food is great!

 Information geared to help you catch fish!

 The focus of this learning opportunity is to pass on knowledge that will help you catch fish, or more fish, or larger fish.

*          How to read a river

*          Playing, landing & handling fish

*          Steamer fishing techniques

*          Dry fly presentation techniques

*          Fishing nymphs productively

*          How to fish wet flies


Our program will take your fishing to the next level. This program is a great way for people of varying experience to enjoy fly fishing. Seasoned anglers can focus on improving already known techniques, while less experienced anglers can learn the skills on which to base a lifetime of fly fishing.

1st Session    April 7 - 9 - taking reservations now!

 2nd Session   April 28 - 30 not for beginners - taking reservations now!

 3rd Session    Sept. 1 - 3 (Labor Day)

 4th Session    Nov. 3 - 5

Sessions 1 – This session is great for those new to the sport and those who are intermediate fly fishers, but have limited casting skills and are only are comfortable with one or two techniques and wish to catch more fish. Even if you are an advanced intermediate angler, you will learn new things at this session.

Session 2 – This session is not for those who have never fly fished. It requires a basic overall knowledge and some experience to be able to apply the advanced information presented.  Special guest, author Jason Randall will present portions of the instruction. His insights combine the science of hydrology and the science of fish biology and how they relate to fly fishing.  If you want to know more about the 'where, when and why's of fish behavior' this session is for you.  This session will also have an emphasis on tight line nymphing techniques. Jason will also conduct an on-the-water class on this fly fishing method. In addition, one of our casting instructors at this session can offer instruction on 2 handed casting and single hand spey casting.

Session 1 - great for novices through advanced intermediates

$495 is for double occupancy

$695 single occupancy

$250 for lodging and meals for a non-participating guest of a School attendee.

$400 if you are local or wish to lodge elsewhere.

Session 2 with author Jason Randall - great for intermediates to advanced anglers 

$595 double occupancy 

$795 single occupancy

Frequently asked questions

Attendees are separated by skill level (ask you what your goals are, and work from that point). If you know where the feeding fish reside in any river, know all methods of how to effectively fish nymphs, wet flies, streamers and dry flies, there would be no compelling reason for you to attend.

If I come alone do I have to pay for a single occupancy? No, we will room you with another single.

What if I desire to have a certain area of my casting worked on?  You can request any type of specific casting instruction you want. Help with distance, accuracy, specialty casts, and single handed spey casts are available at all sessions. 2 handed casting instruction is available at session 2.

I've never fly fished, is this School for me? Come to Session 1. We separate attendees by skill level and begin building from where you are now.

Itinerary and other information can be found at