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Global Warming Solution: Expand Southern Trout Waters

leah kirk

Southern Trout Magazine publisher Don Kirk has announced an ambitious initiative to thwart Global Warming. The plans calls for installing solar powered refrigeration units in hundreds of miles of southern warm water rivers such as the Cahaba River in Alabama and the Ogeechee River in Georgia.

                “Refrigeration units placed in warm water streams and rivers would drop maximum summer time water temperatures to 60 to 65 degrees F, thus creating hundreds of miles of new trout water in the South,” says Kirk. “Surprisingly affordable, this forward thinking move would also have a great effect on curbing environmental annulation spear headed by Global Warming.  It’s easy to complain about not having enough trout fishing in the South while also lying awake fearful at night that the planet will be toast in a very short amount of time, but really doing something is another matter.  The widespread conversion of southern warm water fisheries to blue ribbon trout fishing streams may be essential for the survival of mankind on this planet.”

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