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BOTE Backham Bug Slinger

leah kirk

Combining the best features of BOTE's uber versatile HD board and their giant-killer Ahab SUP, the hip Rackham Bug Slinger is destined for a special place in fishing lore. Twelve feet of the ultimate in fishing utility. Legendary stability, speed and versatility with a take-no-prisoners graphic treatment and durable construction. And did we mention it will comfortably transport a combined weight from you and your gear of up to 400 pounds? For most paddlers, that's a LOT of gear you can bring to the party.

The Rackham features a fiberglass shell with an expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam core formed into a displacement V-hull. Channel grooves were added to aerate the bottom of the board so it will flow a little quicker on the water than a flat bottom. At a generous 7" deep, this hull provides excellent flotation and stability with its weight of only 41 pounds without gear.

The large, flat, recessed deck makes a sturdy platform for aggressive paddling, plus casting, fighting and landing trophy fish. It's also here on the deck that the Rackham sets the standard for features other SUPs only dream about.

Starting at the bow, you'll first notice the Paddle Sheath™ that allows you to insert the blade end of your paddle into the slot, conveniently holding your paddle upright and within reach so your hands are freed up for landing dinner.

The displacement V-hull, 32" wide beam and 7" depth of the Rackham is designed for maximum capacity and stability. Rated at 400 pounds, this board will carry all you need for an extended adventure across the water.

The extra wide platform provides the stability you need to fish confidently in a variety of conditions. Remember to order an SUP paddle and life jacket (both sold separately) so you'll be ready to start your adventure as soon as possible.