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For You Reading Pleasure

leah kirk

          If all goes according to plan, this week will see the initial release of Southern Saltwater Fly Fishing Magazine. Editor Jimmy Jacobs has put together an outstanding launch issue that is more of a destination oriented magazine than our other titles. The “Close Look” is Georgia’s Golden Coast. We hope it is well received.

                This week will also see the release of the March issue of Southern Kayak Fishing Magazine. Editor Ragan Whitlock has gone all out with his first issue. If it is a sign of things to come, he will certainly have SKF back on the fast track. Kayak fishing is experiencing a 20 percent annual growth. This title is a 50/50 split on coastal/inland fishing.

                Associate publisher Jerry Davis is corralling up a bunch of giveaways for trips to places like Belize. Elk River Resort (WV) and others that will be offered to anyone willing to sign up for a chance to win. Jerry and I go back to the early 1990s when he was the president of Thickett Publishing, and I was the editor of BowMasters, Buckhunter and a bevy of other sporting titles. His arrival has literally reenergized this five years company.

                We’ll all be at the Blue Ridge Trout Fest next month. This includes Olive K. Nynne who writes the “Blackwing Olive Chronicles” in STM. At Atlanta last month several people stopped by our booth hoping she would be there. Unfortunately, it was a service dog only allowed shindig which, despite her prestigious press credentials, precluded her attendance.

Olive is a classic “kiss-and-tail” journalist with two passions in life: chicken and internal scandals. If I am ever allowed to make any real decisions again in this organization, mind you that the first thing I plan to do is muzzle the old girl. Things are looking up for me here, too. I received a new I-Phone yesterday as a reward for not creating any internal crisis for a full year.

Speaking of things in which I am only casually involved here, we have a new website for Southern Unlimited, LLC that sorta, kinda ties together our current five magazine titles. I am told too, that the plan is to ramp up the social media campaigns. When I asked how this was going to happen, I was assured it was not something I would understand—you know---one less thang to worry about I suppose.