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Missouri: March 1 Kicks off Trout Season

leah kirk

On March 1 each year, fishermen flock to Missouri trout parks to kick off the trout season. Anglers have four trout parks to choose from on Opening Day. In each park, attendees will line the water on all sides, and it's just as much about the experience as it is the fishing. Trout season for these parks lasts through Oct. 31, but there's just something about being there that first day. Some people have been coming to Opening Day for many years, and many have made it a tradition with family or friends.


If you are a fly fisherman, the shoulder-to-shoulder crowns on these waters on grand opening might ruffle your hackles, with lots of trout and lots of worm dunkers. The state keeps each of the trout parks well stocked all season, stocking trout each evening from the day before March 1 through Oct. 30. With the exception of opening day, three fish are stocked for every expected angler. All four parks combined are expected to stock more than 900,000 fish during trout season, and will sell more than 400,000 tags.