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Kentucky Stocks Trout at Five Lakes

leah kirk

Five new lakes enrolled in the Fishing in Neighborhoods Program (FINs) will receive stockings of trout in February, a boon to anglers tired of being house bound. Flemingsburg Old Reservoir, an 11-acre lake in Fleming County, gets 900 trout while Leary Lake, a 5-acre lake on Lloyd Wildlife Management Area in Grant County, gets the same amount of trout. The 9-acre Logan-Hubble Park Lake just south of Lancaster in Garrard County will receive 900 trout as well. The 2-acre in Graves County will get 500 trout as will the Clinton Rotary Park Lake in Clinton in Hickman County. Both of these lakes are in the Purchase Region.


"We are stocking a larger-sized trout in all of our FINs lakes for 2017," said Dane Balsman, coordinator of the FINs program for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. "The larger trout now average about 10 to 11 inches long and one-half pound in weight."


Kentucky Fish and Wildlife formerly stocked its traditional "stocker" trout of 9 to 10 inches in the FINs lakes. "We wanted to improve angler satisfaction and utilization as well as reducing hooking and handling mortality. These fish won't be caught as many times and anglers are more likely to harvest a larger trout."


Remember, current fishing licenses expire Feb. 28. It is a good idea to buy your fishing license soon.