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Don Says: Legends of the Fly Induction

leah kirk

Last Friday the Atlanta Fly Fishing Show was the site of the first Legends of the Fly Hall of Fame induction ceremony. It was a success. Ringmaster, John Reinhardt, gave a stellar performance as the event’s M.C. I believe it is fair to say that few indeed are the times when so many notables in the world of fly fishing for trout in the South have gathered to recognize and be recognized for the enormity of their contributions and passion for the sport.

The Southern Trout family was humbled by the gathering at the ceremony. We also want to once more acknowledge the support of sponsors: the Museum of Southern Appalachian Fly Fishing, the Smoky Mountain Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Sweetwater Brewing Company and the Tennessee Valley Authority. Special thanks too goes to Chuck and Ben Furimsky of the Fly Fishing Show. They co-hosted the ceremony, and will do so again in 2018 and 2019.


In the not too distant future after we have digested this year’s efforts, we will make improvements and tender an offer to all to give their “two-cents worth” on the list of next year’s nominees. As I noted on several occasions last week, the ST Legends of the Fly Hall of Fame quickly grew above my pay grade. I certainly do know how the dog who caught the bus had to feel.