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Shocking Plan… Kill the Smoky’s Rainbow and Brown Trout!?

leah kirk

National Park Service (NPS) plans to kill all brown Trout at Lees Ferry/Glen Canyon. Are the rainbow and brown trout in the Great Smoky Mountains and Shenandoah national parks next? This is a serious question that needs to be addressed.

               Currently, the NPS is conducting an “Expanded Non-Native Aquatic Species Management Plan Environmental Assessment” that includes elements having a potentially damaging impact on the Lees Ferry/Glen Canyon trout fishery. This will devastate the business and guide services dependent on that fishery. The Environmental Assessment plan proposes electrofishing mechanical removal of brown trout in Lees Ferry/ Glen Canyon with "long-term, intensive and repeated electrofishing." Collateral damage to the rainbow trout fishery from mechanical removal on the proposed massive scale will be incredible.

               In the GSMNP, such an approach on the non-native rainbow and brown by the NPS may just be a matter of time. Older anglers recall the closing of hundreds of miles of brook trout fishing for over 40 years while the NPS twilled its thumbs. Of course, the NPS will deny it, but Environmental Assessments have a life of their and cannot be trusted.

Removal of the rainbow and brown trout will end trout fishing in the GSMNP as we know it. Hell, weren’t the otters bad enough?