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Jawja Trout Fishing Report

leah kirk

One of the many benefits of not living in Yankeeland, is unfettered access to trout streams in the winter. In fact as many are discovering, winter trout fishing is often the best of the years. This following Georgia fishing report is provided courtesy of Unicoi Outfitters. 


Delayed Harvest

DH streams received a fresh batch of fish during Thanksgiving week, mixing in a few "easier" fish with some of the previous inhabitants that had been getting more educated. Many anglers resort to throwing "junk food" on most of our DH streams, which tend to produce fish, but there comes a time when other patterns will far out produce your egg and worm patterns. Fish become conditioned, similar to a dog. If you throw a hamburger down in front of your dog, and punish him or her each time they go for it, eventually they are no longer going to be interested in the hamburger. Once a fish has learned that your pink egg pattern is connected to steel, similar to a dog, they will become less interested. Also, after a few weeks, fish learn to feed off of their environment. They learn that those small aquatic mayflies and stoneflies floating by them at all hours don't sting like steel, nor pull them around after they pick them up. These are the times when you should resort to your more natural patterns. Recently, we have found that our natural patterns such as small mayflies and midges have been producing better than our flashy "junk" patterns. This is due to fish being introduced to steel, and the clear water that we have in the winter months. In the winter months, much of our biomass in our streams is smaller than in warmer months. It is important to downsize your offering, in order to put more fish in the net at the end of the day. For those that put their gear up in the winter, you're really missing out on some of the best fishing opportunities. Sleep in, relax, or complete your home chores in the mornings, then get out for some great fishing in the afternoons.


Private Water Streams

Our private water streams have, and will continue to fish great throughout the entire winter. This time of year is one of my favorites to be on our private water. The water gets clear, and the fish key in on small bugs. If you want to get your blood pumping on a cold winter day, tie into a fish over two feet on a small midge and some light tippet. Seconds seem like minutes, as you battle a fish of a lifetime, hoping the small hook and tippet holds until you can lay hands on your trophy. Seriously though, the winter produces some of our biggest fish throughout the entire season on our trophy streams. We see fish come out of the woodwork that we do not see on a regular basis any other time of the year. If you would like to knock the chill off by getting your blood pumping, give us a shout to experience some of this great fishing. Here are a few photos of some of our recent catches: