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Breaking News…sorta: Help Wanted

leah kirk

Southern Unlimited, LLC. has been shuffling along now for six years. We are gambling that 2018 will be a big year. Hereto our biggest road block to truly aggressive growth has been a lack of having good advertising salesmen. Each of our current titles is headed by individuals with about 150 years of collective experience. Design is keeping up and growing. What we need are sales people.

We’ve never used the newsletter to solicit for this. We have a single salesman who is literally killing it on Southern Saltwater Fishing Magazine. What sales we do have in the other titles is a hodgepodge of business I have brought in between doing other projects. It is a very fertile ground waiting for the right people. So, what are we looking for?

Number one would be the ability to sell. We have 3-5 openings for people who are self-starters and are willing to help turn the ground, plant, pray for rain and willing to harvest. For now, it is straight commission, but the commission is very respectable. Paid as a “contract employee” the job will allow you to work at home with some travel involved. As is our nature, we’ll help you get started, but a truly self-starting personality is the key. I can foresee these positions being attractive to outdoorsmen and others willing to invest the time on the front end. Established customers are yours to keep.

We are a nondiscrimination employer. The potential for growth is terrific. We have two new products coming out soon, one of which has no bearing on fishing, Actually, we are quite content at this time with our four fishing titles and are ready to expand into the Southern Lifestyle market as quickly as possible.

If this sounds like something you’d like to know more about, contact me at