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Trophy Shoal Bass Update

leah kirk


Cohutta Fishing Outfitter, GA. Many anglers target shoal bass to during the warmer months to pass the time until their favorite trout stream begins fishing well again. The truth of the matter is that the big girls bite better in the winter. We all want a grip-n-grin with a trophy shoal bass to show to all of our buddies while we are sitting around having a beer. I mean, after all, they are a true bucket list fish! Each fish tells a story with the battle scars they show, notifying anglers of the life they have lived to get to where they are now. Trophy shoal bass do not come easy, which is why we pursue them.

A trophy shoal bass will forever embed a memory in the angler's mind. As you cradle them in your hands for a few short seconds, you think about the life they have been through, and the work you put in, for the two of you to finally cross paths. We chase shoal bass all year, but our favorite time is during the cooler months. In just a few short weeks, the rivers will begin to resemble a ghost town, and shoal bass will be looking to put the feed bag on for the coming months. We hope to have you come out and experience what this great resource has to offer!

This past Wednesday, we ventured out to see if any shoal bass were beginning to migrate to their fall feeding grounds. With the water level up, we are now able to navigate the river easier in the jet boat, and get into areas that inhabit fish that do not see much pressure. Our first stop produced a nice 2.5 pound fish, which was good to see. We ended up catching a good number of fish, including shoal bass, spotted bass, and stripers. We look for this to only improve over the next month.