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October Caddis Pupa

leah kirk

The October Caddis is a jumbo-size orange bug that hatches this time of year through most of October. They are abundant on some southern trout streams, and rarely seen on other trout streams.

In summer the October caddis encases to complete maturing. In October the cases open late in the day and through the evening and the adult crawls to shore.

Winged adults flitter and flop around the surface laying eggs.  The trout relish October caddis because these meaty insects pack a big punch of protein.  Scan rocks for the clear exoskeletons that are left behind as the October caddis adults emerge.

Some people like a big dry imitator fly when October caddis are available. However, when it comes to dealing with trout feeding on caddis, a pupa pattern is virtually impossible to top.


Hook:                    Tiemco 200R Size 10

Ribbing:                Orange Ostrich Herl and Fine Black Wire

Body:                     Synthetic Orange Dubbing

Weight:                Lead Free Weight

Thread:                Uni-Thread Black 8/0

Collar:                   Soft Grey Body Hackle

Eyes:                      Black Bead Chain Eyes

Head:                    Black Ostrich Herl