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Camillus M-13 Machete: Black Bear Equalizer

leah kirk

While it makes sense to many, the fact is that backcountry goers in places like the GSMNP and other public lands usually are not permitted to carry firearms. The recent rash of backcountry bear attacks makes some hikers and fishermen a little anxious about how one might have to defend themselves. The new Camillus M-13 Machete is could be one’s new best friend.

The overall design of the M13 Machete is similar to a Kukri and is top-heavy for great impact force. This modern Kukri version has a skeleton design that reduces the weight and makes the blade more elastic, essential for making a good spear. Designed by Miltner Adams Company exclusively for Camillus Knives, this 18" titanium machete comes with a molded glass filled nylon sheath that can be worn “Crocodile Dundee” style on your back.  The M13 features a full tang, and a 13" blade with a gut hook. For more visit