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Featured Fly: Blue-Winged Olive Dry

leah kirk

Soon to cool water temperatures on Southern Highlands streams will trigger hatches of Baetis mayflies, a group collectively referred to by many as Blue-Winged Olives. They are one of the most prolific genera of mayflies in southern trout streams, producing up to three generations per year. At time in September Blue-Winged Olives hatch in big bunches and the duns ride the water for a long time before taking flight. Our streams hold several different Blue-Winged Olives, which to 99% of us, they all look pretty much the same, but when match well, they are rewarding to fish.
Hook:             size 16 to 22 dry fly hook
Thread:         Olive 8/0
Tail :           3 or 4 grey or clear micro-fibetts
Body:            Olive goose biot
Thorax:    Olive less-absorbent dubbing material such as SLF, beaver or antron. 
Wings/Legs :       Grey dun hackle