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Featured Fly: BBBB (Mr. Nasty)

leah kirk

Now and then you come upon a fly pattern that you cannot be sure if it was a mistake or a fly carried so long that it began to unravel. That could easily be your first impression of the BBBB fly pattern. Is it a scud, or is a caddis, or is it dried up chewing tobacco that bonded to a hook in a lint filled pocket? It matters not if it catches trout, although to be careful, it is advisable to thoroughly wash your hands when handling the BBBB or as some call the pattern, “Mr. Nasty.”


Hook:                       Allen S402 #6 to #10

Bead:                       Brass bead 4mm

Under body:        Lead free round wire .020

Thread:                  Black MFC Premium 3/0

Tail:                          Simi Seal dubbing - golden peacock

Body:                       Simi Seal dubbing - golden peacock

Rib:                           UTC wire - size sm - copper brown

Hackle:                                     Whiting Euro Saddle - brown

Flash                        Krystal flash - root beer