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Cherokee Tenkara Jam Program Schedule

leah kirk

Saturday and Sunday between 8am and 6pm, October 15 and 16, the Tenkara Jam will occur at the Yellowhill Activity Center on the Qualla Reservation in Cherokee, North Carolina. The schedule with times will be coming, but the topics and presenters are as follows:

*Jason Klass: "Ten Tenkara Presentations Anyone Can (and Should) Make"

The majority of fly anglers rely mostly on a simple, upstream dead-drift presentation. But, there are so many other presentations you can make that will increase your catch rate and lend themselves perfectly to the Tenkara method.

*Daniel Galhardo: "Tenkara: a different way of thinking"

Tenkara shows us there is usually a different way of thinking and doing things. Daniel will talk about things that at a first glance are counterintuitive but when people are willing to give them a try are very effective.

*Robert Worthing: "Advanced Casting for Fixed Line Fly Fishing"

Teaches a method of building casting skills without limits. The presentation begins with understanding rod dynamics (we sneak in some big fish wrangling here) and defines a common set of terms for dissecting casting elements. We will use stop motion capture software to introduce and analyze various casting strokes and begin to explore their application on the water.


*Chris Stewart: "Lions, Tigers and Bears (Oh My!)"

Tenkara is not limited to trout.  We will cover ideas about fishing for micros, sunfish, crappies, bass, perch, pickerel, muskies, catfish, carp, and inshore salt water fish. 


*Erik Ostrander: "Advanced Casting Techniques"

A discussion on how to utilize the entire body to create effective casts and drifts in highly technical riverways.


*Anthony Naples: "Dynamic Tenkara: A Personal Approach"

Dynamic Tenkara will focus on the idea of creating a personal tenkara toolbox that fits your own personal preferences, conditions, locales, and experience, as well as allowing you to successfully tackle varying conditions that you'll meet.


*Jason Sparks: "Tenkara 101"

This is an introduction of tenkara for all anglers.  It will cover a brief history into the origins of Japanese fixed line fishing.  Jason will touch on the equipment of the rod, line and fly, basic fly-casting, and fish landing.  This is a primer to get all of those curious about tenkara up to speed quickly so that they can appreciate the following programs.


*Luong Tam: "Fundamentals of Tenkara Rod - Characteristics and Mechanism”

Reveal the basic mechanism inside the rod through the developer’s point of view, using a Tanuki rod as a case study. He will try to present how things work inside the rods. He will also share outside designs and rod development process.


*Tom Sadler: "Focused Fishing"

Success in fishing, especially fly-fishing, comes when you leave complexity and technology behind. Tom will explain why knowledge, skill and simple tools are more important and how they can increase both your fly-fishing success and your enjoyment in the outdoors.


*Dan Dutton: "Making the Release Count: How to Minimize Post-release Fish Mortality" 

We all want the fish that we release to survive, grow, and be able to be caught again, but fish often succumb to the trauma of catch and release fishing.  Learn how well-intentioned anglers inadvertently kill fish and how to increase the survival of fish that you release.