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Featured Fly: Autumn Offender Streamer

leah kirk

This time of year the big trout are doing all they can to wax fat for the winter. Streams and rivers never have a greater offering of bait fish and juvenile gamefish than in September and October. If you want to hook up with a big trout, streamers are the ticket. The Autumn Offender Streams gets deep and is flashy/fishy enough looking. While imitating nothing in particular, it suggests a number of common food sources including sculpins, darters, daces, creek chubs, and juvenile trout; dietary staples of big trout. Fish the Autumn Offender on a sink-tip or floating line depending on the water, striping it back with a rod twitch and a pause. 
 Hook:         Gamakatsu S11-4L2H #4
 Thread:    Uni 6/0 – Camel
 Tail:        Rabbit Strip – Black Barred Sand Variant or Brown Barred Tan
 Weight:    Large Cone – Copper
 Body:        Krystal Hackle – Olive Brown, Large & UV Polar Chenille Rusty Copper
 Wing:        Marabou Blood Quill – Golden Brown & Yellow
 Over Wing:    Flashabou – Kelly Green and Holographic Copper
 Collar:        Mallard Dyed Wood Duck Flank feather
 Head:        Ice Dub – Golden Brown