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Gogal Publishing Stream Map USA

leah kirk

Gogal Publishing’s newly released Stream Map USA-Mountain West, expands their signature brand to 33 states.  Stream Map USA is a searchable, color-coded river, lake and stream map displayed over your choice of roadmaps, satellite images, and high resolution topographic maps.  You can search for any water across the entire region or limit your search by state or even search an individual county.  Once you locate a water destination, simple touch the map near a road to add a waypoint and tap “Go” for turn-by-turn driving directions right to that spot.

Stream Map USA works like a handheld GPS showing your location and following you as you travel on the water.  Along the way, you can save additional waypoints and even add your own notes with GPS accuracy.  To get back to any waypoint, simply choose it from your waypoints list, tap the “Target” button, and then use the app’s built-in navigation compass to point the way and count down the distance right to that spot.  
 Stream Map USA includes a field navigation compass that displays your GPS coordinates, compass heading, altitude and speed of travel, along with a red direction of travel arrow that points directly to your “Targeted” destination and it even works without phone service. Each river, lake and stream is uniquely colored to set it apart from its tributaries.  This eliminates the need to carefully read stream labels while tracing the blue lines to follow a stream.  You simply follow the colored line from the stream’s headwaters to its mouth.  As a planning and safety tool, Stream Map USA includes access to current water conditions through the US Geological Survey’s National Water Information Service.  Each stream monitoring station is highlighted on the map and you simply tap its gage icon to see current stream height, water flow, and other important information before you travel. 
Five editions of Stream Map USA covering 33 states are currently available, but they plan to have the entire lower 48 states mapped by year’s end for both iOS and Android users.  You can view the entire Gogal Publishing catalogue online at