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Davidson River Outfitters’ Summer Fly Fishing Festival

leah kirk

Mark your calendars for our first annual Summer Fly Fishing Festival at Davidson River Outfitters  new location on Saturday, June 11, 2016. Kevin Howell says the shop will have special promotions on gear and free giveaways. l have more information in an upcoming newsletter, so keep your eyes on your inbox!
The Davidson River folks also pass al these tips for catching picky rising fish. For starters, try a different pattern. During very heavy hatches fish will key in on not only a certain insect, say Blue Wing Olives, but also into a certain size and that are moving a certain way. When fishing in these conditions, if the fish will not take your offerings try fishing a different pattern in the same size. For example, on the Missouri River this year fish would refuse every BWO pattern I had - but they would eat a small 18 olive caddis every time it came over them. There were not as many caddis out and they did not scrutinize them as much.
Go old school. There is not a trout alive that when eating dries will refuse a small matching color soft hackle swung in front of them.
Find his feeding rhythm. There are at times so many insects that the trout can get picky and feed at their leisure. When this happens they feed in specific rhythms. Find his feeding interval and time your drift to be in his feeding window during his feeding cycle.
Find their feeding lane In heavy hatches trout usually get a very narrow feeding lane again there are so many insects that they have a choice of being picky and not working hard at eating. What they may have traveled 4 feet to eat before the hatch started they may only travel 10 inches for now.
Don't be afraid to nymph fish. Usually the larger the trout the less he likes to feed on dries. He spends too much energy for too little a reward. He would rather lay just under the surface and eat the nymphs as they approach the surface. So use very lightly weighted nymphs and try to catch the larger fish that are just under the surface feeders.
Bonus tip. Once you are really convinced you are not going to catch the rising trout, throw as large a rock in the pool as you can, scaring the ******* out of him, and showing him who is in charge. Now you can go have a nice cold beer with a good attitude knowing you were victorious!! After all you were going to release him anyway.