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Patagonia Provisions

leah kirk

Patagonia Provisions Gift Pack is streamside party food you can savor indoors or in the wild. The pack consists of five packs of our lightly smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon (three Original, two Lemon Pepper); five packs of hearty Tsampa Soup; three boxes of Fruit + Almond Bars (36 bars total, 12 each of Apricot, Mango and Inca Berry); and two packs of savory Buffalo Jerky. All in one convenient gift box.


The folks at Patagonia excited about the conservation role our partnership with Wild Idea Buffalo plays in the Great Plains. By supporting ranches raising free-roaming, grass-fed buffalo, they are helping native grasses—and all the species that depend on them—recover. In other words, Patagonia Buffalo Jerky is food you can feel good about, in more ways than one.

The package contains five packs of Patagonia’s Lemon and Original Four 6-oz portions of delicious, lightly smoked wild sockeye salmon that are fully cooked and ready to eat. Enjoy as is, or for a hot meal, heat the sealed package in hot water for 7 minutes. Unopened package requires no refrigeration and is pack-, dry bag- and shelf-stable.