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Featured Fly: Tellico Nymph

leah kirk

                  During my salad days of fly fishing in East Tennessee the Tellico Nymph was my go to fly pattern. It’s unknown to me how many of these yellow demons I lots to aggressive trees or underwater snares, but I know it was a bunch of them. Perhaps the best known pattern to come from Tennessee’s fly fishing past, its origins are murky, as is agreement if this pattern mimics stonefly nymphs or caddis pupa. I suppose that so long as it catches trout, it is somewhat irrelevant. The Tellico Nymph is an oldie, but it’s a goldie. Recipes for this traditional pattern vary a little among tiers. This is the one I feel is closest to the original.

Hook:                       TMC 3761 #10-18

Thread:                  White 70 Denier UTC and finished with TMC 16/0 black

Weight:                  Lead Wire

Tail:                          Guinea body feathers

Shellback:            Mottled turkey wing

Abdomen:            Bright yellow dubbing

Body:                       Peacock herl twisted with fine copper

Hackle:                                     Brown saddle hackl