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Kudos to Davidson River Outfitters’ Kevin Howell

leah kirk

Last week Kevin Howell of Davidson River Outfitters was sworn into the eleven Outdoor Heritage Advisory Council during a meeting held at the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission headquarters in Raleigh. Appointed by Senate President Pro-Tempore Phil Berger, Howell is serve a 2-term on the council.

Part of the council’s mission is to expand outdoor opportunities for youth and preserve North Carolina's outdoor heritage.  Created as part of the Outdoor Heritage Act, the council advises state agencies and the General Assembly on promoting outdoor recreational activities that include fishing, horseback riding, camping, hiking, bird watching, swimming and hunting as well as to make organizational and budgetary recommendations and statutory decisions independent of the agency.

If you are not the mailing list to receive Davidson River Outfitters’ “Trout Bum Times,” you are missing great stuff such as the following that was in the email delivery:

Now that spring is finally here and the trout are starting to feed heavily on dry flies. Here are five helpful tips to help you connect to a few more fish on top.

Do not take your fly away from the trout. I often watch clients set the hook too soon on a fish that is taking a dry fly, especially with modern fast action rods that pick up line quickly. To solve this problem, once a fish eats a dry recite the phrase ("god save the queen") before setting the hook. The purpose of this is to make you wait until the trout eats the fly, vs. pulling the fly out of his mouth before he can chew on it.

                                If a fish is nosing your fly, then it is probably just slightly off color to the fish. It may be light gray and should be dark gray or brown instead of brown with a little pink. So start looking through your box and picking flies of the same color just different shades, and you should start getting some strikes.

If trout charge your fly and turn off of it right at the last minute then you have picked up micro drag. You can lighten your tippet, but you may lose the fish if he hits, you can also lengthen your tippet to allow the fly a little longer drift.

If fish are taking your fly and you are missing them and you are waiting on them to get the fly in their mouth, then the fly is the wrong size. Typically it is too large, although I have seen a few times when it was too small.

If fish are eating dries and are nosing your fly and still refuse it after color and size changes, then switch the style to a parachute or to a Klinkhammer style fly instead of a traditional Catskill style fly.