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Don Says: Birthday #4

leah kirk

    The current issue of Southern Trout Magazine marks the fourth anniversary of the title. If I knew then what I know now, I would have continued vegetating in retirement and not jumped into this whirlwind. Although to be honest, STM has been modestly successful. To mark the momentous event, the CEO informed me I was reinstated as head honcho of the newsletter. This return to the top came with a long list of conditions the include no mention of global warming, the NPS, lion hunting in Africa or anything else that might puss gut cuts of people. Olive is a little miffed, but her intern Babs is really keeping the old girl on her toes. 
    STM has been an interesting project. It is well received, and making a little money. It could be a lot farther along than it is now if I had stayed healthy, and perhaps taken in an investor. STM was a zero capital startup that remains debt free—at least on paper. I am indebted to a field of writers who have for reasons largely unknown by me have and continue to send me some of the finest fly fishing copy and article any publisher could hope to have. I doubt my time on this earth is nearly long enough to repay them for what they have done.
    Oh yeah, one more thing to toss in the mix. It may not be appropriate to mention this, but my wife’s Leah’s prayers and God answering them was the kicker. Me and the Lord are squared up right now, and these magazines are sort of my ministry. Those that have known me well probably find this utterly unbelievable, but to say that I have seen light is an understatement.