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Costa Hinano Sunglasses

leah kirk

Costa’s new Hinano sunglasses are inspired by the beauty of the islands, and the resourcefulness of the islanders to live sustainably. The name Hinano comes from the male flower of the pandanus tree that decorates French Polynesia. Costa’s Hinano sunglass style features a small fit, with cushioned high-grip temple tips, a low-wrap head curve and hypoallergenic rubberized soft nose pads, to help keep the frames comfortably in place all day. The optical spring hinge allows for a “forget-they’re-on” fit.
     Hinano is available in frame colors including: blackout, shiny black, and matte coconut fade, as well as Costa’s own tri-fusion color technology, available in shiny navy + red + gray and driftwood + white + khaki. The tri-fusion technology shows the beauty of colors molded together into one sunglass style.
     Costa’s Hinano sunglasses are comprised of a nearly indestructible bio-based resin material sourced from the castor plant, a sustainable, hardy perennial. The bio-based resin produces increased durability, overall sunglasses weight reduction, and the ability for the frame to hold shape from extreme heat to bitter cold temperatures, crucial for anglers out battling the elements. 
Hinano’s can be customized in its full array of patented color enhancing polarized 580™ lenses. The brand’s 580 lens technology selectively filters out harsh yellow and harmful high-energy ultraviolet blue light. Filtering yellow light enhances reds, blues and greens, and produces better contrast and definition while reducing glare and eye fatigue. Absorbing high-energy blue light cuts haze, producing greater visual clarity and sharpness. Costa’s 580™ lenses, the clearest lenses on the planet, are available in either glass or impact resistant polycarbonate. Lens color options include: gray, copper, blue mirror, green mirror, and silver mirror. Hinano and Copra are also available in customized Rx sun lenses. For more visit